Price Per Head Services

The price per head business is extremely competitive, with thousands of potential services available for a local bookie to take advantage of. As in most businesses, one of the most important things to the customer is the price of the product.

There are many different prices out there in the price-per-head business, ranging from as little as $3 to as high as $50 per player per week. As a bookie agent, it is very important to weigh all the costs, and benefits of a particular pay per head service, because as they say “you get what you pay for,” and sometimes the lower price will actually cost you more than if you paid more, for a better service.

Many price per head services offer extremely low prices, barely even allowing you as the customer to even speak to them. They only allow you to contact them through email, which if you have an immediate issue that you need them to take care of for you, it could end up taking hours to be completed. As a result of the delayed time to handle an issue, you take a risk in having your players become extremely frustrated and even upset with you because you could not fix something for them. If this is a lingering issue then this could eventually lead to you losing some of your customers, which will directly affect your revenue stream.

In addition, when price per head sportsbook services offer an extremely low price, they often only include basic betting features. For example, a low price may mean that your players can not have access to live betting, which is the new craze in the online betting world, and a great selling point in acquiring new players as well.

Also, a Lower Price Does Not Generally Include:

  • virtual casino
  • live casino
  • horses, which are not extremely popular, however, there are many players that like to take advantage of those options, and they will lose a ton of money playing them, so unfortunately for you that will be more missed revenues.

A lower price per head bookie service, also leads to more line errorsgrading errors, and downtime during important busy game times during the week. Anyone of these issues can be disastrous for your business because mistakes and issues with the website lead to angry customers, which will eventually lead to losing customers if the problems happen on a constant basis.

Lastly, when you are paying a low price, you usually get a low-priority service, where you are constantly dealing with different customer service representatives that do not know you or know how you like to set your profiles and limits in order to maximize your profits based on your players betting styles. Once again in the world we live in, people often get what they pay for, so if you are willing to pay a bit extra or at least not be cheap on the price then you will almost always get a better product and service, which will then ultimately lead to larger profits.

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