Price Per Head Service

This is the question most bookmakers ask, how do you know what is the right price to pay when you are considering a pay-per-head service?

Unfortunately, there is not a short answer to this question since it all depends, if you do short research online you’ll find that there are shops charging as low as $5 and as much as $30 per head, so perhaps the right number lies somewhere in between.

The truth behind prices…

As with most things in life, cheap hardly ever goes hand in hand with quality, usually, sportsbooks that are charging these low numbers have little to offer, some may just want to attract customers at first, and you may be tempted to go with this attractive price, but you would be taking very high risk with a company that most likely won’t be able to stay in business for long, or even worse, they will stay in business but you’ll lose yours because of the terrible service given or mistakes made.

On the opposite end, pay per head services that charge big numbers usually do so based on their reputation; these are big shops that offer a wide range of options for your clients and you as an agent; and this $30 price tag is generally the highest price given because it includes all different services offered; the majority of these shops have more affordable packages already customized. But is paying more a guarantee of a better product? Don’t confuse reputation with big names, there are medium and small-sized companies out there with great reputations but that don’t spend much money on marketing or advertising because they rather stay under the radar.

Big-name companies have a tendency to spend too much on marketing, and at least in the sportsbook industry, this may not be the smartest strategy as it may bring more attention than desired to a business. Another downside to big companies is that they have a lot of clients, and if your package is not highly attractive to them they may not give you the customer service you expect.

In my experience companies that charge anywhere from $3 to $20 are the perfect middle ground, these generally are pay-per-head services that already have experience and stability, they are not huge but they focus on improving their product and their customer experience and therefore they ensure that every one of their clients is treated right as they are all important to them. Most of the pay-per-head services in this price range offer customized websites compatible with mobile devices, 800#’s, online wagering 24/7virtual and live casinolive bettingracebook, and poker; so you actually get a very good number of products to make you competitive.

As you can see there are many reasons why you should carefully analyze the pros and cons that each pay per head service offers, don’t base your decision solely on price or you’ll be making a big mistake, check out online reviews, call in and ask a lot of questions and take advantage of the free trials offered by many companies. If you ask for my suggestion, I personally prefer  since it’s the perfect balance between service, quality, and price.

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