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Once the United States Supreme Court decided that sports betting should be legal, the industry took off in the country.

The Biggest Sports Wagers since Legalization in the United States

Sports bettors no longer had to rely on friends and connections who had set up furtive, cash-only books, or offshore websites. You also didn’t have to go to a casino (or send someone who lived in Vegas or Atlantic City cash for your bet). For sportsbook owners, the opportunity to use the top wagering software employed by means that they can offer the same sorts of betting options that the casinos can, so long as they have the funds on hand to cover the action. More legalized betting, though, means more huge bets. Let’s take a look at some of the biggest bets that have come down since sports betting became legal in the United States.

Eight Figures on the Houston Astros

You probably know the Astros best for their 2017 World Series title – and the controversy associated with their trick of picking off catcher-to-pitcher signs and then banging a trash can in the dugout hallway if the sign called for anything other than a fastball. In 2019, Houston was back in the World Series, this time against the Washington Nationals. Jim “Mattress Mack” McIngvale, offered $20 million in mattress rebates if the Astros beat the Nationals in the Series, and he went around regional sports books putting down bets to cover his promise. The Scarlet Pearl in Mississippi took $6.2 million of his bets, including one $3.5 million wager, the biggest ever taken by a U.S. sportsbook. The Nationals won in seven games (the first World Series in which all seven games were won by the visiting team), and McIngvale lost all of his money.

Ben “Parlay” Patz: 50 Days to $1.1 million

It started on October 10, 2019, when Patz, a student at Columbia University, put $500 into an account with William Hill in New Jersey. He kept reinvesting his winnings until he put down a 15-leg parlay on October 27 that was good for $237,200. The next seven weeks saw his streak continue, including a November 17 parlay that brought in $326,000. The $1.16 million in winnings wasn’t what he netted, as he also lost $342,000 over that same time frame. But even so, bringing in more than $800,000 in less than two months is a terrific run.

Collecting on Tiger Woods’ Redemption

James Adducci made what he claimed was his very first sports wager on Tiger Woods at the 2019 Masters. Adducci went large, putting down $85,000 that Tiger would win. Woods turned back the clock and claimed the green jacket, bringing Adducci $1.19 million. Adducci would double down by putting $100,000 on Woods to finish the Grand Slam…which Woods did not. But Adducci still came out way ahead.

Scott Berry backed the Blues

Scott Berry bet on the St. Louis Blues to win the 2019-2020 Stanley Cup, even though the Blues were in the Stanley Cup Finals for the first time since 1970. The Blues ended up knocking off the Boston Bruins to hoist the Cup, and Berry won $100,000 – and celebrated by taking a private plane to Vegas with some friends to grab the cash.

These are all fun stories – but the truth is that, over time, the house wins when sportsbook owners manage their moneylines and point spreads correctly. Moneyline wagers always build in profit for the house, and as a sportsbook owner, so long as you market well enough, there is money for you to make as well.

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