Online Betting Software

Has your bookie business grown to a point where you are losing control of it? Perhaps the calls you are getting are keeping you up at night?

The good news about this is that you have done things right and your business is boomin’ the bad news is that if you don’t take some needed steps immediately you may start losing clients because you don’t the tools or structure to continue to grow, but so far I am not telling you anything you don’t already know.

Being in your position, the logical step is to evaluate your options, either you limit your growth and maintain a low profile, or you choose to continue to strengthen your company, which is the expected choice and there are two ways to go about it: a) you set up your own offshore gaming operation, which is an exciting but ambitious project that requires a considerable amount of time, knowledge and money; or you go for a pay per head company which will provide you with an online betting software for bookies.

The advantage of going for a PPH betting software for bookies is that you don’t have to worry about reinventing the wheel,  you get everything you need, a customized service for an affordable price, a perfect solution that will allow you to continue growing your business while at the same time controlling your expenses and eliminating the hassle of having to start your own online sportsbook.

Which is the Best Online Betting Software?

There are many online bookies betting software options, as with any other product you can find everything, from bad to good and excellent; going with online reviews is one of the best ways to narrow your list down, but in short, you are looking for software that is simple to use, flexible, secure and that is backed by a reputable and experienced company. Our online betting software of choice is DGS (Digital Gaming Solutions).

DGS offers a platform that serves the needs of small and big companies alike, it is constantly updated to satisfy the users’ needs and they have been around for many years, which gives them the experience and knowledge of the industry to always stay a step ahead of the game.

DGS supports services such as sportsbook, racebook, and internet casino, it also provides comprehensive fraud control, player tracking tools, instant grading, detailed reports for you and your clients.

Keep in mind not everything is about the betting software:

As it happens in most cases, you can have a great tool in your power, but if you don’t know how to use it properly and make the best of it,  it loses its worth. Choose the right pay per head service, one that not only has the best online betting software for bookies but that it also offers you additional features, great customer service, your own online site, competitive lines, fast grading, etc. is recognized as one of the best pay per head companies in the industry, with the use of DGS software, the use of state of the art technology, excellent team and years of experience, it guarantees you and your clients a great online betting experience.