Sportsbook Business

If there is a trend that never seems to go out of style is gambling, be it on sports, horses, casino, or even the light banter between friends, there is always someone willing to bet.

Without Breaking a Sweat

That is why owning your very own sportsbook business is the ideal way to potentially make lots of money, but, online sports gambling is not without its pitfalls which is why most fail to make it big.

There a few ways to avoid the dangers of failing, the most important one is to watch your finances, you need to spend your investment money wisely. Just like you shop around when you are looking for the best car, appliances, or insurance you need to find the perfect pay per head company.

If you have never heard of a pay per head, then let me tell you all about them, a pay per head is a company that offers sportsbook services to independent bookies, they provide the software, websites, odds experts, and customer support for a flat fee that is agreed upon from the very start.

Finding the perfect pay per head business is the secret to starting your sportsbook business without breaking a sweat, but, the issue is finding the one company that offers superior service and betting products that won’t break your bank.

Pay per head companies started popping up two decades ago, in response to the demand of smaller bookies looking for ways to reduce their monthly overhead, you see, running a sportsbook, even an online one is quite expensive, you need to hire professional odds managers, you need to hire support staff, your single most expensive item is the technological investment, as you need to buy high-performance servers, you need to contract internet provides, telecommunication providers, you need to buy computers, and hire people to manage all this, then you need to lease software, all this comes at a very high cost which not every bookie can afford.

When you contract the services of a pay per head they take care of all these costs, but, just like some bookies were not able to afford the best equipment and staff, most pay per head companies are not able to afford them either. That is why you need to look for companies with a proven track record, one that has been around long enough to understand how this business works and how to negotiate the best price for the best software, and have enough financial backup to hire the very best odds managers, and that can only be found in one place,

Ace Per Head has an impressive operation on all fronts, but, there are two things that make them stand out from the competition, their technology, and their staff.

These guys have invested millions in setting up the most advanced contact centers in the sportsbook business, and they went one step beyond, they have two contact and data centers located in different geographical areas, operating at the same time, and each can handle the entire workload if need be, trust me no other pay per head company has this, which is why is the only company that can truly guarantee 99.99% uptimes on their entire network.

Don’t break a sweat setting up your online gambling site, contact today!