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People have had sports just about as long as humanity has had the level of civilization to provide leisure time. With sports, there has come sports betting. If you are wondering, “Is sports betting legal?” the answer depends on where you live. There has always been some tension between the legal authorities and sports bettors, because of the possibility of fraud. Because of the interest in sports betting – and the chance for government authorities to take some of the cut in terms of taxes – sports betting is legal in many jurisdictions today. has become an industry pioneer when it comes to taking sports betting online, but let’s take a quick look back at the origins of this pastime.

Sports Betting and the Law

Sports betting is probably older than its first recorded instance, which took place in ancient Greece. The Olympic Games featured the earliest examples of people betting on the outcomes of events. The Romans, known for copying and improving innovations that they found in other cultures, adopted sports betting – and made it a crucial part of the gladiator games, where it became legal. Eventually, the gladiator games came to an end, but the idea of betting on outcomes would spread elsewhere in the world.

During the Middle Ages, the question, “Is sports betting legal?” became an emphatic “No.” The Catholic Church was growing in power, and one of the evils that the clergy saw in the world was gambling. The Church exercised its leverage on rulers, to the point where sports betting was outlawed. This did not stop sports betting, of course; instead, it just sent it underground, and the betting industry began to expand as more and more sporting events came into the world.

The first country to feature widespread sports betting was Great Britain – where horse racing became not just a popular pastime, but a common way for people to wager. This pastime spread to the United States and elsewhere in the world, and it swiftly became a popular hobby. There has been ongoing tension back and forth between religious sensibilities and reality, as the inability of moral activists to kill off sports betting has led to a more realistic approach to regulating the industry. Instead of just pretending that betting would go away if it were outlawed, governments began to understand that they could make a great deal of money from taxing and regulating the activity. In the United States, Nevada and Atlantic City, New Jersey, became hotspots not just for sports betting but also for casino gambling, and the practice spread from there.

How can legal sports betting benefit you?

If you have thought about starting your own sportsbook, then you’ve likely wondered, “Is sports betting legal?” in your own jurisdiction. If you live in the United States, sports betting is legal at the federal level, and is up to the states to decide whether to allow it or not. The fact that so much sports betting takes place online means that there are opportunities for people to set up their own websites that rival the look and the variety that such casinos as the Bellagio and such venerable bookmakers have set up for their clients.

How does this work?

Ace Per Head has become an industry leader in the “pay per head” betting industry. sets up the platform and offers websites on the platform to client bookmakers. Instead of a flat fee, the bookmakers pay a weekly fee based on the number of active bettors that have accounts with them.

So for the small-scale entrepreneur, this sort of setup offers instant credibility, at least in terms of an online presence. Whether you would bring a dozen bettors with you, or whether you would bring hundreds, clients will see a website that is as professional as any sportsbook out there today. We provide the basic platform, and client bookmakers go in and individualize the platform to suit the personality of their businesses.

How can you personalize your sports betting website?

You choose the visual options that Ace Per provides on the platform, and then you can pick the sports, games, events, and props that you offer for your bettors. If you want to set your own point spreads and Moneyline odds, you’re free to do that as well. After all, it’s still your book, right?

What you avoid are all of the headaches that independent sportsbook owners have when they try to launch their own websites. You don’t have to learn how to design a website, and you don’t have to maintain the site yourself. As a part of the platform, you have a site that is on secure, well-maintained servers that have the capacity to handle the avalanche of sports betting that tumbles down on Sundays, especially in the fall. You don’t want your sportsbook website going down just as the late afternoon NFL games are coming to an end.

You can also offer your betting clients the security of a third-party payment system that ensures that everyone’s money moves around safely, with no worries about hackers coming in and taking anyone’s winnings. This is a far cry from the sacks of coins and the envelopes of cash that traditionally served as the methods of exchange throughout the history of sports betting.

Working with Ace Per Head means that you can enjoy those parts of sports gambling that you enjoy, leaving the management to others. It costs you a fee each week, but our bookmaker clients have found that the fee is well worth the investment. The quality and convenience of the website, the mobile optimization that makes every transaction just a few swipes on an app away, all combine to make our platform the industry standard. If you want to learn more about how can help you make your sportsbook a real moneymaker, reach out to one of our membership specialists today.

We’ll set you up with a free trial period, so you can see for yourself how much our platform can transform your business.