Player Watch Report

When using a pay per head service an agent is given his very own sign-in which allows him to have access to a plethora of information regarding his players and his accounts.

Generally, pay-per-head sites have a similar back-end for their agents, however, some pay per head sites have extra features that can also be useful to agents. One such exclusive feature that can come in handy on the agent back-end is the Player Watch feature.

This feature allows you to single out specific players by clicking the Player Management tab on the left-hand side underneath the Common table. When selecting the Player Management tab you are then brought to a full screen that gives you an extensive list of each and every one of your created players, whether they are active or inactive. Once you are in your complete list of players then you can go to the specific account that you would like to keep a closer watch on, and then click their user id. After clicking their user id, there will be a small pop-up window that has the player’s name, credit limit, and balance information.

Below this, there will be 4 click-able tabs, and the tab you will be clicking is the Watch tab with the eye symbol below it, and this will then activate the Player Watch feature for that in a particular player.

Adding Watch Player

Once you activate the player watch feature for a specific player or for a group of specific players, they will automatically be added to your player watch list. This list can be found by looking on the left-hand side panel on the screen, right below the Player Management tab, labeled Player Watch. When clicking the Player Watch list, you will then be brought to a separate screen that shows the daily and weekly balances of the Players that you have decided to keep a closer watch on, including their open bets and at-risk amount.

player watch

On the player watch list, you also have two pre-set options that you can enable that will automatically add certain players if they match the criteria you set in the options. The two features are “Winners Up“, and “Sheet-Swingers Above“. In both circumstances, you would input the dollar amount that you want to include for each option. So for example, if you want to use the Winners Up option you would click that box and input the amount you want to see in terms of players that beat you by at least that amount last week or in the current week. So if you put Winners Up 2,000 it would single out all the players that are up 2,000 or more in the current week or previous week and show them to you automatically. The Sheet-Swingers Above option also asks you to put in a dollar value and when you click it on and enter say $500, it will pull in any of your players that have pending open wagers where they could win $500 or more.

Clearly, if you are a very small agent with a handful of players then this feature is not a necessity, because it is not hard to see all the open wagers you have at the moment and see specifically which players are the ones that are winning and losing. However, for larger pay-per-head packages, this feature can be particularly useful because it can help you single out the key players that you should keep an eye on based on their bet size and the type of plays that they are betting. Either way, using this feature is a great way to keep a closer eye on the players that are having the biggest impact on your sheet.

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