Sports Betting Software

Did you know that the average internet user spends around 100 full days of every year online? Because of this, the internet is the best way for any business to get in touch with a person at any given time.

Sports betting businesses are no exception, so bookies need to invest in technology that works to reach potential players while they’re on the web. Because of this, user-friendly and engaging sports betting software is a must-have investment.

But what are these technologies, exactly? What are the top benefits of sports betting software? Read on to answer these questions and to learn about their many features.

What Is Sports Betting Software?

Sports betting software is exactly what it sounds like. It’s an online interface that allows you to take bets and pay players within the system. These technologies are basically a one-stop-shop for both agents and bettors so that they can engage in all sports bets in one convenient location.

On these platforms, you can keep track of scores and market betting options to your audience. You can also communicate with active bettors and collect payments with only a few clicks. This is convenient and accessible for all parties involved.

Pay Per Head Sportsbooks: Why They’re the Best Option

When you’re trying to choose sports betting technology, you’ll be faced with many options. Some take a flat fee to purchase the software that you can then use forever. While this may sound initially appealing since you won’t need to pay more later, it’s actually extremely costly since you’ll need to pay for all updates and system changes.

Subscription-based payments might sound more appealing because they update automatically as internet trends change. However, these models have an issue with forcing you to pay more for the services than you’re using. If you pay $500 for Super Bowl bets, it’s unreasonable to be expected to pay that same $500 during the off-season when no one is playing.

Pay Per Head (PPH) sportsbooks are the perfect solution to both of these issues. PPH services have scalable payment models that mean you never put out more money than you’re bringing in.

PPH technology is also often called pay per person or price per player software. This is due to the payment model. You pay a small fee of about $10 per person who is actively using your online betting software.

This sum can fluctuate to around $20 if you want additional services from your sportsbook provider, but the bottom line is that you only will be paying for the bettors that you currently have. You don’t need to eternally keep paying for those who only came around for the World Cup and then left again.

Ace Per Head Sportsbook Features

Many PPH sportsbooks help you set up a website, but Ace Per Head is unique in the variety that we offer. We have a wide range of templates that you can choose from for maximum functionality and an amazing aesthetic. We’ll easily help you to put your information, payment methods, and specific features into these templates to build you an easy-to-use webpage.

However, some people want to make a website that doesn’t fit into one of these templates. That’s understandable- individuality is key when growing a sportsbook and gaining an audience. That’s why our experts are also happy to help you design a website from scratch that matches your exact vision.

This website will have both an agent and player interface so bettors can see key information from the backend. For example, both parties will be able to see the exact bets placed by a given bettor and what amount they were. This transparently keeps everyone on the same page about bets placed and money owed.

User-Friendly Interface

No matter how you choose to set up a website, our professionals will help you ensure that the site is easy to use with no understanding of web design. First, you won’t need to worry about coding your website and updating the platform- that’s what Ace Per Head’s designers are for. You can simply click around the site and enter in player details, bets placed, and money owed.

On the player end, your website will be accessible because of its simplicity. Players won’t need to enter information or navigate a complex page. You can choose to display bets, lines, and limits on their home page to keep them informed of new sports betting opportunities.

All they’ll need to do is click on the pages and events that interest them, enter in the amount they want to bet, and wait for the scores to come in.

Automated Updates and Score Tracking

Automated updates are an essential feature of sports betting sites. If you don’t make sure that your site is running up to par, you’re going to lose bettors because of slow load times and inappropriate navigation systems. Plus, since people will perceive an outdated website as sloppy, they’ll think you don’t care about your players and click away.

Because of this, Ace Per Head constantly updates your website to make sure that load times and backend features are perfect. We also will make sure that your security features never go out of date since protecting your players is a top priority.

Score tracking for various events, teams, and players can also be integrated into your website. We’ll link your PPH interface to another source that automatically tracks the scores of the items that you offer betting on. You can therefore offer a wider variety of betting options since you won’t need to manually track everything.

Constant Website Alterations

One of the best things about using sports betting software is that you retain full control over your lines, players, and limits. You also don’t need to enter these restrictions into your website on your own. Having a fully managed service means that experts will work 24/7 to help your vision come to life regardless of how often you want to tweak things.

Other alterations include changing website colors, making sure that SEO-optimized blog posts go up in a timely manner, adding picture/video content, changing the sports that you allow betting on, and more. Regardless of what you need, our PPH site experts will always be available to you.

24/7 Customer Service

Speaking of constant expert availability, you will always be able to reach out to our round-the-clock call center. This ensures that you’ll never be left in the dust even on late nights. This feature especially comes in handy during major sporting events when you need to field tons of bets in a short timeframe, often at nighttime.

Your players also will get the opportunity to contact a 24-hour call center specifically tailored to their needs. Our experts will answer all of their inquiries so you don’t have to. This eliminates the need for you to sit by the phone and wait for it to ring as traditional bookies would need to.

Security and Privacy Features

Security is one of the most important things- if not the most important thing- to consider when running a sportsbook. After all, many bookies work with large amounts of money and tons of different players.

To have information stolen wouldn’t just be chaos but would irrevocably damage your reputation. It could also leave you open to lawsuits in addition to putting you out of business.

That’s why Ace Per Head offers you and your players a ton of protections that you likely couldn’t implement without a PPH provider. First, we never need to know either your identity or your players’. Instead, everyone we work with is assigned a random number and this number is used when referring to and communicating with them.

Players also will often be afforded this same courtesy with you. Even though you’re a reputable and trustworthy bookie, it’s important that you protect player information by keeping it offline. This means that in the unlikely event of a breach, there’s nothing to steal.

How to Optimize Your Sportsbook

Full mobile readiness is the first essential way that you can make your sportsbook run the right way. As of today, around half of internet users worldwide will primarily access your sportsbook via a smartphone. By 2025, 72% of people globally will exclusively be online with mobile devices.

This means that you need to optimize your interface for mobile use even at the expense of some desktop compatibility. A good PPH sportsbook software will offer mobile-ready options to kick off your sportsbook in the most effective way possible.

Offer Bitcoin Payment Options

Because privacy is so important to both bookies and gamblers, offering bitcoin payment options is essential. Cryptocurrency is secure and untraceable, meaning that the recipient won’t have access to the sender’s identity. This helps people to feel safer and more secure when using your website and can be a draw to your sportsbook over competitors’.

Bitcoin payments also mean that players’ personal and financial information is safe. In the unlikely event of a data breach, hackers won’t get access to any payment information. This can save you a lot of damage fees and disaster recovery stress that will ultimately tarnish your reputation as a bookie.

In addition to protecting your players, we encourage you to also pay for our services in bitcoin. This keeps you safe because your personal information, like your bettors’, won’t be stored on any server.

Eliminate Professional Gamblers

Professional gamblers are players that bet for a living. They don’t have a day job, but rather rely on tracking sports teams and placing smart bets as a source of income. These gamblers are knowledgeable and tricky, which means that they can easily win big and wipe your sportsbook clean.

Eliminating these gamblers is a must if you want to remain in operation. Usually, pro bettors will place enormous bets far in advance of the game that they’re betting on. On the flip side, normal gamblers will place smaller bets only shortly before a game.

Keep an eye out for people behaving this way. Make sure that you make your policy on professional gamblers clear on your PPH website. This will give you leave to bar people from playing if they behave suspiciously.

Set Individualized Limits on Players

Regardless of whether you suspect someone of being a professional gambler, it’s a good idea to limit the amount that they can bet. If you let people place bets worth thousands of dollars, you need to be prepared to offer a really hefty sum if they win. It’s unlikely that you have these funds, especially as a beginning bookie.

Make sure that you set a betting maximum for all players. This can be $100-500 for new players, but it can increase over time as someone places more and more bets with you.

If you trust a player, it makes sense to offer a higher betting maximum. This also is a good way to reward loyalty and encourage people to keep playing with your sportsbook.

Free Trial Sports Betting Software

The best way to be a successful local bookie is to get set up with a pay-per-head site so you can use their sports betting software. The software includes a professional-style sportsbook website that offers hundreds of thousands of betting options for people to bet on each and every day, and all lines are updated up to the second by the pay-per-head provider.

This makes it very easier for anyone to be a local bookie and take action on sports from people they know. In addition, it is extremely cost-effective since the bookie doesn’t need to worry about all the upfront costs of creating and managing a website, servers, customer service, and a lines team because instead that is all provided directly by the pay per head provider at a fraction of the real cost.

Instead, these sites offer a flat rate per player, hence the name pay per head provider, because the local bookie only pays for the player if they have a graded wager for that week. So if the player does not bet that week then there is no charge for that player. The average price per head is around $10, and whatever the player’s win or loss is handled directly by the agent, and 100% of those profits are kept by the agent.

Considering that gamblers always lose in the long term, this can be an extremely profitable business, with a minimal upfront cost. One of the top-ranked sports betting software providers is . They have been in the business for over 25 years, and have some of the sharpest lines in the industry, and more betting options than other providers.

In addition, they give a free trial for four days, so agents can try out the site and service, with their players, and even see if they can make some money right away from it. Sometimes players do get lucky and win, however over the long term all players lose. After the fourth day of the free trial then AcePerHead has free week promotions that can be taken advantage of on the initial deposit.

Free Promotions

They have a 9-week free promotion for anyone that deposits $2,000 after the free trial is over and that would give the agent a total of 9 free weeks, with the first week free of each month for the first 9 months. In addition, the $2,000 is used in full towards the agent’s balance and will pay for the player fees during the weeks that are charged. The free weeks are spread out so bookies can get something free over a longer overall time period, and spread throughout the football season or other sports seasons.

Even if you don’t want to commit that much of a deposit upfront, they have other free week promotions such as 6 free weeks on a $500 deposit, 4 free weeks on a $300 deposit, and 1 free week on a $150 deposit, or just a minimum deposit of $50 with no free weeks. However no matter what, every new agent is entitled to the 4-day free trial so they can test out the site and see if they like it, without any type of deposit upfront.

Get Started

While there are many awesome ways that you can expand your sportsbook, none of them are possible without a good online platform. That’s why it’s essential to invest in technology that lets you set your own rules while running your sportsbook smoothly and efficiently.

Now that you know all about sports betting software and why it’s important, it’s time to begin setting up your online sportsbook. Create your package with Ace Per Head to begin your six-week free of our bookie services. We’re excited to show you the many ways that we can help your bookie business grow!