The Coronavirus has changed the world as we know right now, and as a result, everyone is being affected. With that being said, the gambling world has been turned upside down with postponements and cancellations of sports and seasons from all over the world. This has left very little in the form of betting options since all the major sports leagues around the world have stopped playing meaningful games. All you have to do is look at Vegas, which is now a ghost town that is shut down.

As a result, the pay per head industry and the sports gambling world has been struggling to find something that they can offer people to wager on. Luckily even though major sports are on pause, a degenerate gambler still needs his fix to make his daily bets on, and this is where a company like has filled the void with some creativity.

Ace is already offering various betting options on things such as stock market prices, bitcoin, and ether prices, daily weather predictions, bleacher report Madden20 GOAT tournament, table tennis, e-sports, Taiwan basketball, Russian Hockey, Belarus Soccer, Darts, Amateur Golf, NFL Draft props, virtual casino, horse racing and more. Sure these are not your traditional sought after betting markets, however, this is a lot better than not offering anything.

In addition, coming this Monday Ace Per Head are video games that people can bet the full game, 1st half and 1st quarter on. Plus Ace will have a special tab in each player account labeled SIM where they can not only bet all the games but also watch every game streaming live right from their personal device.

Sure nothing is like watching a real game between real live players, however, the NBA2K20 video game is about as close as one can get to watch a real game. The graphics are lifelike and the commentary and players are all based on the real thing, and the beauty of these games is there are no commercials so you don’t have to spend up to three hours watching a basketball game, filled with useless timeouts.

For the gambling aspect of it, betting on a SIM game will only last 65 to 70 minutes which is only about a third of the time for a normal real NBA game. This means faster grading and immediate gratification on wagers since games take much faster to complete, and winning wagers will be updated immediately after the game concludes so players have additional funds in their account to bet the next game on the board.

Also the format Ace will be running for the NBA2K20 SIM betting will be where the NBA season last concluded on March 11th. So they will start their SIM season on Monday, April 13th on their websites and it will follow the scheduled format of the end of the regular NBA season. This simply means that on Monday, April 13th Ace will have the games for the March 11th NBA schedule to bet starting in the morning and spread out throughout the day so gamblers can bet and watch games consecutively throughout the day. Then on Tuesday, April 14th Ace will have the SIM game matchups for the scheduled NBA games that were set to take place on March 12th and so forth each day, until playoffs come.

So, in reality, is going to have a full board of NBA SIM betting options each and every day, with a clickable to watch each game streaming live from any player account. This will only be offered on Ace Per Head websites, so if you are a bookie that still wants to get action and make money on sports gambling, then give Ace Per a call today at 1-800-909-5193 so you can get set up immediately.