How to Create an Online Business?

There are many online businesses that someone can create, however, one of the easiest and most profitable ones is to be an online bookie. A bookie is just someone who accepts wagers on sports, casino games, or horses, pays players when they win, and collects when players lose.

The reason this is so easy is that all you need to do is know people that like to gamble, and you can find these types of people through word of mouth by reaching out to all your friends, family, coworkers, schoolmates, and social media friends. You can also offer them a small free play bonus to get them started.

A free play is just a specified amount that you give to a player in their account, such as $50 that they can use to make a free wager. If the wager loses, that free play just disappears and no money is deducted from the player, if the wager wins that free play still just disappears, and the winning amount is added to their overall balance. This is a great way to incentivize someone to try out the site and make a wager, so they can get the adrenaline rush of having action on a game, with the added benefit of having no risk.

The reason it is so profitable is that people that gamble always lose over the long run, and they often lose hundreds to thousands of dollars per week. So with every additional player you have betting with you each week, the more money you will exponentially make. In addition, the cost to create an online sportsbook to book action for people is actually extremely cheap and affordable.

A Pay Per head Service Can Do All the Work for You

Instead of spending massive amounts of startup capital to build a website, manage lines, and servers, and pay for customer support, there is a much better option. That option is to use an already established company that will provide you with a fully inclusive professional sportsbook website for your players to bet on.

These companies do all the work for you by posting thousands of betting options each and every day for your players to bet on. They update all odds up to the second and grade all wagers after each game concludes. They handle all the customer service support and the best companies are open and available 24/7 to answer questions, help with requests, and provide useful advice on how to run and manage your book of players. They are a one-stop shop for all things gambling-related and offer their complete service for a minimal fee.

They are called pay per head sportsbook because they only charge you a small fixed fee of around $10 per active player a week. An active player is just a person who has a graded wager as a win or lose that week, and the player can make an unlimited amount of wagers that week and the cost are still only $10 for that player. Whatever the player wins or loses that week is handled directly between the player and bookie and the bookie keeps 100% of those profits. So if a player loses $500 that week you as the bookie collect and keep that full amount, but only pay $10 for that player, which is a ridiculously huge profit margin.

Start your Own Business Today!

So if you are looking to create an online business and actually want to make a lot of money for doing minimal work, then there is no better option available than being a bookie for people you know and getting set up on a quality pay per head service.