Price Per Head Horse Racing

As time marches on, the price per head business continues to grow each year, with more betting options each year being added. One option that most price-per-head companies have, which has actually been around for many years is Racebook, where players can wager on all the major Horse tracks in North America. Sometimes price per head shops charge an extra fee if you want to offer it to your players, but even if they do, you should always take advantage of it, because it just gives your players one more option to wager and lose their money on. In addition, the more you offer your clients, the more legitimate you appear to your clientele, and this in itself can help you acquire new business.

If you do decide to offer horses, the most important thing to remember is to make sure you cap your payouts, because horse bets can have extremely large payouts on small wager amounts. When a person goes to the track they get track odds, which are based on the total pool of wagers that the track receives. As a result certain exotic horse wagers like trifectas, superfectas, and pick 3,4,5, and 6’s can pay out astronomical odds, and will vary based on the total pool of wagers at that specific track. Clearly, agents do not have the same pool of money being wagered on horse races as a major track across the country, which means it is acceptable for agents not to pay out track odds.

It is important for you to make sure that you speak directly with your price per head provider and go over each of the specific horse wagers and specifically set up each wager limit, and set the maximum odds and payouts for each type of horse wager. This is important because it will extremely lower your risk, and make sure that you do not have anyone hit any horse wagers that are above your monetary threshold. If any of your players complains or asks why you do not offer track odds, you can simply explain that track odds are based on a pool of money that each track specifically accumulates, and unfortunately, you are not a track so you are not collecting anywhere close to that pool of money for each race and track. Lastly, you can kindly say that you are giving them the opportunity to wager on numerous tracks across the country, from the comforts of their own home, and if they truly want track odds then they would need to go travel to each track and directly bet with that track in order to receive track odds.

Many players will clearly understand that you are providing them with an extraordinarily convenient way to wager on many different horse races, so they will understand that the cost of that convenience is a reduced payout on certain types of horse wagers.

So even though horse racing is not extremely popular with all sports gamblers, if you at least have it available to bet, then people will have more of a temptation to actually give it a try. As a result, some players may actually have a lot of fun and excitement from wagering on horses, which can then lead to them wagering on it, on a regular basis, which can ultimately lead to them wagering more and losing more money, which puts more money into your pocket.

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