What Is a Bookie in Horse Racing

Horse racing is one of the oldest spectator sports in the world. In fact, people in Ancient Rome would gather to watch chariot drivers race 7 times around a 2000-foot sand track at 40 mph. The sport is a lot safer today, but it has persisted as a popular event worldwide.

Horse betting software is one awesome way bookmakers can capitalize on this longtime love of people from all walks of life. Read on to learn a bookie’s role in horse betting and why you should take on that role yourself.

What Is Horse Race Betting?

Horse race betting is a type of sports betting where people bet on horses and races. Bettors look at horses’ previous records to determine which they believe will come in win, place, or show. They then put money down on the horses that they’re banking will win.

If a bettor places money on a “win” for a horse, that horse must come in first for them to cash out. If they make a “place” bet, they can come in first or second; a “show” bet means that they get paid if the horse comes in 1st-3rd place. “Win” bets are usually worth more money because of their difficulty.

What Role Do Bookies Play?

Win/Place/Show betting is common, but it is not the only type of horse racing bets out there. Bookies determine which type of betting to offer and which horses and events to let people bet on. They create horse racing odds for each horse and jockey before taking bets, just as they would with a more general sportsbook.

Bookies are responsible for creating a well-designed and user-friendly online racebook. They are responsible for providing information about races in real-time, tracking horses and jockeys, and updating their betting odds. They are also responsible for communicating with bettors about their gambling experience.

Why Become a Horse Racing Bookie?

Since the market for horse betting is rising by about 9% annually, those who create racebooks are getting involved in a growing industry. Horse betting is also popular worldwide in nations like the UK, France, Australia, and the United Arab Emirates. Those who bet on horse races are diverse and bookies can easily manage an expanded globalized business.

Horse racing bookies also get access to easy management and maintenance of their racebook. This is, of course, assuming that they work with a top provider. The best pay per head offers:

  • A round-the-clock call center
  • Top-notch security features
  • Multiple payment methods including secure Bitcoin
  • Notifications when people make a bet
  • Automated updates and upgrades
  • A completely mobile-ready interface
  • Player watch reports
  • Real-time horse/jockey tracking
  • The ability to control both limits and payout

The possibilities are limitless, so start finding your horse racing picks and communicating with horse enthusiasts ASAP.

Start Making Money Off Races

Now that you know how bookies can make money on horse race betting, it’s time to start reaping the benefits of this incredible online gig.

Our experts are committed to helping you manage and maintain a top-notch sportsbook. Schedule a demo of Ace’s pay per head services to see what we can do.