Secrets of Being a Bookie

The biggest mistake bookmakers make is to underestimate the value of their players, most focus on the players who lose the most money, but, this approach is not always the best one.

Secrets to Optimizing It

  1. High Rollers are Great Until They Aren’t
  2. Work your Core
  3. Knowledge is Everything
  4. Foresee the Trends

The untold secrets of being a bookie reveal how agents should really be analyzing their players, the experts at believe there is a way to profit from every one of your players, even those who only bet a couple of times a week.

Secret # 1

  • High Rollers are Great Until They Aren’t

We use the term high roller rather loosely as a high roller for a small agent could be a player who bets $300-$500, for others it could mean $10,000 or more per bet.

Regardless of where your threshold for considering a player a high roller lies, the issue remains the same, agents love when they lose, but they cringe when they win. Having a few high rollers on your sheet is great, but, you never rely solely on them to end the week with positive numbers, this leads us to secret number 2.

Secret # 2

  • Work your Core

No, we are not talking about your abs, we are referring to your core customer base, the guys who consistently bet with you, even if its small amounts, these guys are the ones who will put your kids through college, and pay for your family vacations each year, you should pay attention to them, study them and figure out ways to keep them interested in what you are offering. This is perhaps the most undervalued secret of being a bookie, and we think it’s time to change that.

Secret # 3

  • Knowledge is Everything

We know you’ve been hearing this for all over, but, knowledge really is everything in business, luckily, a lot of this is handled by us at Ace Per Head, we make it our business to know what the is going on with each game we post odds for, and we also focus on what players are looking for, so our lines are always the most enticing in the industry. This, however, does not exempt you like an agent from paying attention to what your players are betting and why.

Understanding your players helps you create long-lasting business relationships with them, this will extend the player lifetime and overall value.

Secret # 4

  • Foresee the Trends

Again, this is of the many expertise provided by Ace Per Head to all its agents at no additional cost. Trends are a real thing in sports wagering, and they extend further than a team’s winning or losing streaks, it also pertains to a player winning or losing streaks and most importantly, industry trends. Ace Pay Per Head has always been at the forefront of innovation, we realized the immense potential live betting had before it became the craze it is now, so we searched for ways to incorporate it first and we strive to improve the offering every year.

You as an agent are in a particularly advantageous position, you get to interact with your players and have the opportunity to ask them how they feel about certain products, providing this feedback to us, means together we can stay ahead of the pack and innovate faster than the rest.