Software for Bookies

The transformation of one of the oldest traits in the world has been accelerated in the past couple of decades, and the introduction of software for bookies has catapulted the business to heights previously unimagined.

How Software Became the Agent of Change

We have gone from huge call centers staffed with dozens of guys smoking and taking wagers on paper with the odds posted on a blackboard, to streamlined virtual offices with a small crew handling 10x the volume of wagers.

At the goal has always been to provide outstanding service for a very affordable price, and now that developers have designed a state of the art software for bookies that is stable and reliable, this goal has become a reality.

In the early days when the first sportsbook software was released, the systems were stable as long as the number of users logged in and wagers being submitted did not surpass a certain number, if it did, the system would inevitably crash, and thousands of transactions could be lost.

The bookie software platforms from today, are much more stable and can handle millions of transactions per second, making it extremely rare for the system to crash due to overload, however, the best software on a crappy server is useless.

That is the reason why Ace Per Head has invested millions in its data centers, the servers installed have the capability to handle up to 5x the workload experienced during the busiest times, therefore they are never overloaded and they won’t crash or even slow down during the busy weekends of football season.

Ace Per Head does not have one data center they have two, but, that is not all, they also employ a Global Content Distribution Network (CDN) with caching servers in over 60 data centers around the world, so no matter where you are, the response time of our systems will always be optimized.

Simple: The BEST Technology

The biggest single item on the yearly budget at is technology, twenty years ago, this would have been unheard of, but in just a couple of decades, the industry has not only moved from manual bet-taking, but they have now entered the digital world. Automation of line management is now a thing, just a few years ago all line moves were done manually, while this is still the case, line managers only need to move the lines of the master profile, algorithms implemented in the latest versions of the software for bookies do the rest, this single improvement means that Ace Per Head is now able to offer thousands of line types and profiles to accommodate the most diverse set of agent requirements.

What all of this means, is that, by working with, you can enjoy the feel of having your own personal sportsbook, with your rules, your line types, your player profiles, etc., but without the million-dollar investment.

The best part is, Ace Per Head will always looking for the next tech innovation to add to their suite of services, so you don’t have to worry about falling behind your competition. Technology has most definitely become the agent of change in sports betting, and Ace Pay Per Head has become its biggest ambassador.

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