How Do Bookmakers Set Prices

The sports betting world would stop spinning on its axis if not for bookmakers. Often referred to as bookies, bookmakers are the people responsible for coming up with the betting odds for sporting events.

But as you might imagine, bookmakers don’t just pull betting odds out of thin air. There is a science to setting betting odds that will attract a lot of betting action on sporting events.

If you haven’t ever had betting odds explained to you, it would be worth learning more about them. This will be especially true if you’re someone who is thinking about becoming a bookmaker yourself and setting bookie prices.

Here is how bookmakers set betting odds.

They Begin by Doing Their Research

As we just alluded to, bookmakers don’t come up with betting odds out of the blue. They do their fair share of research on sporting events prior to setting betting odds.

They’ll consider many different factors throughout the course of their research. They’ll take some of these things into account:

  • How teams have fared against one another in the past
  • What kinds of statistics teams are putting up at the moment
  • Player injuries that teams might be dealing with
  • Weather forecasts for a game between two teams
  • And so much more

Bookmakers consider sporting events from every possible angle so that they’re able to generate betting odds that will capture people’s attention. They don’t get betting odds right every time, but they do hit the mark more often than not.

They Adjust Betting Odds to Their Benefit

In a perfect world, bookmakers want 50% of people to bet on one team and 50% to bet on the other team. Why? Well, it’s because they’re able to adjust their betting odds slightly to create a margin that makes it almost impossible for them to lose when they get equal action on games.

After having betting odds explained, you’ll begin to pay attention to them more, and you’ll find that many of them will be something like “-110.” This means that a sports bettor will need to bet $110 to win $100 on this bet, and a bookmaker will pocket $10 from each bet that’s placed as long as sports bettors wager on teams evenly.

They Change Betting Odds Over Time

One thing you’ll notice if you monitor sports betting odds is that they change all the time. The best bookmakers will adjust the odds in the weeks, days, hours, and even minutes leading up to sporting events based on how people are betting on them.

They’re on a mission to attract bets on both teams participating in a sporting event, and they’ll move their betting odds to do this. So you shouldn’t be surprised if you see bookmaker prices going up and down accordingly.

How Much is Ace Per Head?

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What Does Ace Per Head Includes?

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With Betting Odds Explained, Get Your Sportsbook Going

As an independent bookmaker, it’s going to be up to you to provide your clients with betting odds. But now that you’ve had betting odds explained to you, you can see how much work will go into generating these odds.

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