Do Bookies Have a Maximum Payout?

If you’ve been following the sports betting industry, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the job outlook for bookies is expected to rise by 17% over the next decade.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a top three online bookie sportsbook sites or a small local bookie-you need a maximum payout. So what is the maximum payout? And why are they important for bookies?

This guide will answer these questions for you, as well as go over some potential solutions related to them. That way, you have the best chances of maximizing the payout odds in your favor.

What Is a Maximum Payout?

A maximum payout refers to the top amount of money that a bookie will pay a bettor if they win a sport or game. It’s important to note that payout limits are different than betting limits.

A betting limit is the max amount that you can bet. A betting limit and a payout limit don’t always need to match up. Sometimes a bookie site might allow you to place a bet that goes over the payout limit. However, if you win, you’ll still only receive the max payout.

What’s the Maximum Payout for Most Bookies?

The specific maximum payout a bookie will offer depends on two things. First, there’s the size of the bookie. Huge online bookmakers are going to be able to offer a lot larger payouts than smaller, local ones.

Second, there’s the sport, race, or game being played. High-profile football games will often offer max payouts in the millions, while more niche games like cricket will have far smaller amounts.

That being said, the average bookie’s maximum sports betting payout tends to fall around $10,000.

Why Betting Limits and Payout Limits Are Important

One out of five U.S. adults say they’ve bet money on sports in the past year. Now, the vast majority of these individuals are regular bettors with bookies. However, a small percentage of them are known as sharps.

Sharps are bettors who have extensive experience and knowledge with their bets. Betting limits and maximum payouts are important for bookies because they protect them from extensive losses from these types of bettors.

You can also think of them as a form of insurance against large losses in betting that happen all at once. While betting and payout limits are important for bookies, it’s vital to remember that they’re only one piece of the pie when it comes to protecting against losses.

The reality is that if you aren’t taking a more active role in protecting against sharps with software, there’s a good chance you’re actively losing money.

How Much Does Ace Per Head Cost?

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AcePerHead Helps Online Bookmakers Succeed

A realistic maximum payout is a good baseline way to protect against sharps looking to take advantage of local Pay Per Head bookies. However, only services like Ace Per Head help you actively identify sharp players.

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