Bookie Software Programs

The buzz word in sports gambling these days is real time, but, what does that really entail?

The True Meaning of Real-Time

For bookie software programs to do real-time processing successfully, you require powerful servers that can quickly process vast amounts of data and instantly apply business rules established by the automation setup.

In other words, having a software that is capable of processing data in real-time, without the correct hardware to support this capability is useless, and that is why, when, says their technology is real-time compatible they mean it.

In a business environment where everything moves at lightning speed, where thousands of bets are received and stored every minute, injury reports are updated by the hour, game odds are constantly updated, money pours in constantly destabilizing the position on games, etc. Being able to operate in real-time on all fronts becomes a necessity, and it can no longer be considered a luxury.

And when you are a pay per head as large as Ace Per Head, who handles thousands of line types and player profiles simultaneously, then you need a bookie software program that allows you to automate in a 100% precise way line movements across the board.

But, as I mentioned earlier, none of that would be possible, regardless of how well built the software is unless you have the necessary hardware to handle it, and this is where is clearly above the competition, unlike most pay per head shops, they don’t have a data center they have two fully operational centers working side by side, these are strategically located in different geographical areas to ensure if one of them is hit by a major natural disaster, the other can take over 100% of the workload seamlessly, the infrastructure is so well designed that during testing none of the customers noticed.

In addition to this, their entire network is redundant or multi-redundant, and they have back up units that are ready to use in case one of the server’s malfunctions, although, you won’t notice if this happens either, because there are multiple servers in use at once, and each of them can handle up to 5x the workload currently handled, so if the IT engineers ever need to replace a piece of equipment, it will be business as usual for every agent and player.

This is what it means to be able to operate in real-time, there are no delays, not even a second is missed when a line is moved, everything happens at once, it is a quantum miracle of software engineering if you will. This means, that in the rare cases a game is graded erroneously, the reversal of the outcome will be done faster than at any other pay per head service you could contract, minimizing customer complaints and possible negative player balances.

In the end, being able to operate in real-time, makes the whole operation more efficient which in turn translates into savings, and these savings are transferred to the agents, who receive superior service for the same price that other price per head outlets charge.

If you feel you are in need of speed to improve your sportsbook performance, then visit Ace Pay Per Head today and register an agent account.