Bookie Debt Collector

If you are a bookie or want to be a bookie then the most important things you are going to have to do is find a pay per head services and then be proficient at collecting all the money that your players are going to lose. Neither of these two things are hard to do, but the quality of the service you use and how you collect from players will be the key to how successful you are as a bookie.

A pay per head service is a company that specializes in the sportsbook industry and they cater to bookies by providing them with a fully functioning website with thousands of sports betting options for gamblers to bet on every day. These services manage all the odds and update all the lines up to the second and grade all bets immediately after each sporting event ends.

Betting Options

It is also important to make sure that your service has sharp lines and a huge selection of betting options because if they do not then this will limit the amount of money that your players will possibly lose. Sharp lines are lines that move immediately and don’t get hit at poor numbers, and the difference between having sharp lines and soft lines can be the difference in your player getting a better line on a game and winning that wager instead of losing that wager.

The more betting options a site has the better because this will keep players on the site and keep them interested in making more wagers each day. The more volume a player gives then the more money that player is going to lose over the long term.

Then once you have a solid pay per head service then the most important thing you will need to do on your end is to make sure you have a proper system in place to collect debts. One thing that you can do is hire a bookie debit collector, whose sole purpose is to handle payments when players win or lose. A smart option for this is to actually hire a female who you trust to handle the job of collecting payments.

The reason a female is better equipped to handle degenerate gamblers is two-fold. One is that most gamblers are men, so having a woman doing the collecting makes men feel more ashamed when trying to stall or give excuses for why they cannot pay in a timely manner. So gamblers who have to pay up to a female when they lose are less likely to give a female the run around over a man. This will lead to a higher percentage of payments successfully collected.

The other reason why a female is a better option as a bookie debit collector is because man is physically attracted to women and a man will want to make a good impression on any female with the hopes of possibly having the chance to hook up with her, which is just human nature. So with that thought in most men’s minds, they want to impress a female and the only way to do that on a female bookie debt collector is to pay your losses in full. No female is ever going to be interested in a man who can never pay his bills in a timely manner. So having a female debt collector will play on the psyche of a man, and the prettier she is the better collector she will end up being.

So the better your pay per service (AcePerHead) is will help your players to lose more money and the better your collector is will help to ensure you collect all the money that was lost because if you cannot collect then it does not matter how much the PPH service makes you.