What is a Bookie in Sports?

A bookie in sports is someone who accepts wagers on sporting events based on specific odds for each game. When a player wins a wager then the bookie is the one responsible for paying out the winning amount to the player, and when a player loses a wager then the player is the one responsible for paying the losing amount of the wager to the bookie.

So bookies essentially will always have or need the opposite of what each player wagers on. So for example, if the LA Lakers are -4 point favorites against the LA Clippers and a player bets the Lakers -4, then the bookie would either need the Clippers to win the game outright or for the Lakers to win the game by only 1 to 3 points in order for the betting agent to earn money on that wager. The opposite is needed by the player in order to win the wager, meaning the Lakers have to win the game and win by 5 points or more for him to win the wager.

Profitable Biz

Booking action on sports is a very lucrative business, because in the world of sports gambling players always lose over the long term. Just look at any Casino, they are generally luxuriously built and very successful because people come and gamble and the majority of the people walk away losing a lot of money. Casinos are not built and stay in business because players are winners.

So if you are looking to be a bookie and accept action on sports then the easiest way to do that and be successful at it would be to sign up with a pay per head service. These services provide a bookie with everything they need, plus you as the betting agent do not even need to know all the technicalities of the making of the odds and moving of them.

Why Us?

Instead with the use of top pay per head services such as www.AcePerHead.com we provide you with a website and we´ll put up thousands of sports betting options each day and all the odds will be updated by them up to the second. In addition, all grading of wagers and the accounting into each account will be handled directly by Ace, and everything will get immediately updated into each player account and bookie account.

Since Ace will handle the technical side of the bookmaking part of the business, you as the betting agent can focus on just building up your new sportsbook business and acquiring more people that want to bet with you. This is simple and fun and is best accomplished by the old fashioned way of word of mouth. You can reach out to all your friends, family, coworkers, classmates, neighbors and social media friends and see if they have any interest in making wagers on sports. You will quickly see that many people from all walks of life have some type of interest in betting, whether they bet occasionally, multiple times a day, or just on major sporting events.

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