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The number one complaint I hear from casino players is the lack of how virtual games seem so impersonal and regardless of how great the graphics are, they simply lack that extra something.

The Best Deal in Live Casino Software

When live casino software made its debut, it was precise to counter that feeling of isolation that players were complaining about, something that most online casinos had chosen to ignore because the psychological profile of online casino players portrayed them as loners, who liked to play in complete isolation.

It is now known that this assessment was wrong in most of the cases, although most online casino players do then to be introverts. The problem stemmed from a misconception of what an introvert really is, introverts are social beings, they just tend to shy away from overcrowded situations, preferring a more intimate setting.

Therefore, live casino experiences cater perfectly to this player profile because they can interact with the dealers from their own home without feeling socially pressed to do so, which lessens the burden of social interaction, meaning they can choose to interact or not and they won’t be judged either way.

The live casino software is a great example of how valuable knowing and understanding your target market can be, and it is because of this that this visionary gaming solution continues to gain adepts.

Is the Hassle Worth the Payload?

Traditionally, pay per heads have negotiated a deal with agents where they (the PPH shop) receive a percentage of the profits the agents earn in the live casino interface, this has become a source of gripe for most if not all agents, especially those that are just trying to introduce the product to their players.

At first, profits can be small and anyone who has experience with casino products knows how much they can fluctuate, so for those agents who are just trying out the live casino software product, having to split their profits makes the test almost not worth trying.

Once players get hooked on the games and develop crushes on the beautiful dealers, the profits become more consistent but still having to share profits is unappealing to most independent bookies, after all, there is a reason they are independent.

The great news is that the best pay per head service,, has now changed the way they provide their live casino product, instead of earning a share of the profits like everyone else does, they are now applying an incredibly affordable per head price of just $5.00.

Agents who have worked with live casino products in the past should know that profit earnings per player on a weekly basis surpass greatly surpass $5.00.

Making Live Casino A More Profitable Vertical

By introducing this new pay scale for live casino software, Ace Per Head (Review) has once again revolutionized the industry, for starters agents can forget about the hassle of figuring out how much they need to settle with their pay per head service each week.

Second and most importantly this new pay scale automatically increases agent profits, making this exciting product even more appealing.

Agent should not worry about the quality of the product, players will still enjoy the most interactive casino experience available on the web today, the dealers are still the same gorgeous girls as before, and the quality of the video streaming has not declined, in fact it may actually be better now than it ever has been before.

Why Should Agents Add Live Casino to their Product Offering?

I should not have to explain to anyone, the hardships every agent experiences during the low season in sports gambling, and yes, this year we will have a surge in traffic and volume thanks to the FIFA World Cup even though the US National Soccer Team did not make the cut this time around. But, the effects of the low season will still be felt, adding products that will spike the interest of players who would otherwise not bet at all until NFL season starts again is the best and easiest way to lessen the burden of low season.

Live Casino offers table games that are more in tune with brick and mortar casino players, while virtual casino games are the paradise for those who enjoy slot machines, live casino offers more strategy based games like Blackjack and absolutely random games like Roulette for those who prefer to defy the odds, if you have Asian players on your sheet, then they will be delighted with the Baccarat table.

All Players Are Welcome

Sometimes players become discouraged from playing at live casino games because of the table limits, it seems that they are always either too high for comfort for the common folk or not high enough to make things interesting for the high rollers, this is no longer the case.

As part of Ace Per Head effort to make their live casino software more appealing to the masses, they have added more tables. Those with higher limits have been designed to appeal to high rollers, while the ones with more realistic limits are perfect for regular Joe’s like me.

The advantages of having more tables are too many to name, but suffice it to say that having tables with different limits means players who have never had a hand in live casino games can try it out without being intimidated or worried that they will lose their entire weekly budget on just a few hands of blackjack, once they get more comfortable they can choose to move on to a higher limit table.

Ace Per Head‘s live casino software can be offered to all players on a sheet or to just a selected few depending on what the agent wants to do, limits can be increased or decreased at will, and agents can set their max payouts per day, and per week, this ensures that no player on a hot streak will be able to put the agent in the red for that week.

Best PPH Live Casino Software

If you have been undecided about adding live casino games to your product offering, this is the perfect time to try it out, the pricing is so affordable, and the risks are low and manageable. For more information contact today!