Pay Per Head Bookmaking

Every business owner’s dream is to have a business that consistently turns a profit, some businesses suffer more in times of turmoil than others, and surviving in difficult times is not always a given regardless of how hard you work to keep your business afloat.

The Roll Data, Experience, and Gut Feelings Play Bookmaking

Pay-per-head bookmaking is a different sort of beast, having worked in sportsbooks most of my life, I’ve noticed a curious phenomenon, hard times produce a surge in business. Whether the difficulties arise from natural disasters or financial crises, people turn to sports betting for several reasons, emotionally as a way to escape the horrors of their reality, and financially as a way to earn money to make ends meet.

But, even with this, consistently turning a profit for most independent bookmakers is hard, which is why finding the right shop is imperative. There are a lot of variables to ensure your bookmaking business is profitable every year and most of it has to do with line management.

I’ve seen line managers use different techniques, some resort to complicated algorithms, and others just follow the leaders, but the truly great ones use a combination of information, experience, and gut feeling to turn odd making into a true art form.

To experience this beautiful and unique art form all you need to do is join, their line managers are some of the industry’s most experienced, and knowledgeable odd makers, yes, they pay attention to what other books are doing, but they set trends more often than following them with great results.

Agents who have switched their packages over to have benefited from this and in most cases, profits have soared. The experience factor is especially important because it allows the line managers to better manage risk. I’ve always been a firm believer that steady is better than risky, and the folks at share that feeling, but, they never ignore their intuition, instead, they use it to take calculated risks that produce outstanding profits for their clients.

The art of knowing when the risk is worth it, and understanding of the payoffs are worth it. Pay-per-head shops that consistently take risks can appear unstable, and frighten agents, but when the risks are calculated and successful, then clients appreciate it and look forward to those rare instances when genius makes itself known.

Data is invaluable when it comes to line management and profitability, being able to predict where the smart money will be, and being one step ahead of the sharpest players could make the difference between success and utter failure for a sportsbook. Data provides, the necessary insight for odd makers to set lines and move them according to the best interest of all parties, you don’t want to discourage your players from betting, but, on the other hand, you don’t want to overexpose yourself where your profits are compromised.

Being able to blend all of these factors into a bookie strategy is what sets Ace Per Head as the most accomplished pay-per-head bookmaking service.

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