Beat the Bookie Tips

Players are getting smarter about what and how they wager, there is no question about it, ask any bookie agent who has been in the business for at least 10 years and they will confirm this.

How is Your Pay Per Head Helping You Cope?

If you do a search on the web using the words beat the bookie tips, the number of results is staggering, the good news is most of those links pose no real threat to actual books, they are mostly fluff articles giving extremely vague advice on how to win at sports gambling.

However, there are some links to actual sports pick services that have a pretty good track record, and another bunch that will provide links to actual odd calculating software that has been designed specifically to find lines with value.

This type of software became popular in Europe about a decade ago, and they are surprisingly good, for this reason, many offshore sportsbooks located outside of Europe were hit hard by European customers.

Over the years, this trend has started to penetrate the gambling markets in America, catching many bookie agents by surprise, and inflicting a hard blow to their finances.

The question here should be, not just how are local bookies handling this situation, but more importantly, how is their pay per head service helping them cope and stay one step ahead. Unfortunately, in most cases, pay per head companies are not experienced enough to detect and counteract the use of these algorithms.

In my experience, the average run of the mill pay per head is slow to react and inform the bookie agents about potential threats like these. It takes a real professional to spot the issue, and actually provide valuable advice to the agents on what this type of player can do to their bottom line.

Thankfully, not all pay per heads are run of the mill outfits, places like, have been on top of the game longer than most other places, and their staff is so experienced and focused on risk management, that they can spot unusual behavior from existing players or new ones.

Players will always be searching for beat the bookies tips, most won’t succeed but that doesn’t mean that a few are not mastering the art of finding value in lines, they are also getting smarter in spotting lose lines, or poorly managed lines.

Therefore, you should only work with price per head companies like Ace Per Head, which are known for their sharp and expertly curated lines, as well as their risk management. When it comes to player risk management, clearly, the only thing the staff can do is inform the bookie agent about potential threats, unusual wagering patterns, and players who seem to have significantly improved their winning percentages overnight.

The final decision on how to proceed, be it to close down the account, or limit the account is left to the bookie agent, but, having this kind of support, could mean the difference between an agent going bankrupt or not.

Slow responses from your pay per head risk management team should be unacceptable to you as a bookie, you deserve better, you deserve to have the level of service that is only offered at

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