PPH Bookie Service

The online sportsbooks started appearing in the late ’90s and throughout the next few years, new options kept popping up. Some companies that were well managed grew to be very solid and are still growing today, while others didn’t survive past their first high season, and others got into trouble and were forced to shut down.

The online gaming industry keeps changing and evolving and one of the most popular modalities today is the pay per head service.

What Makes a Bookie Service Stand Out?

A price per head bookie service is basically an online wagering service provider for different bookmakers; they rent out their software, infrastructure, and general operation to agents that have players and need an online gambling platform to offer them. It’s a very convenient setup, hence its popularity, however not all that shines is gold, and if you are considering joining a PPH Bookie service there are certain aspects you need to consider to ensure you are making the right choice.

1. Technology

A pay per head sportsbook service is all about technological infrastructure. The whole business revolves around high tech and this means they need to invest a large amount of money in ensuring their business and yours runs smoothly. Some PPH bookie services don’t give this key aspect the importance it deserves. Make sure that the price per head bookie service you choose offers you redundancy and backups.

2. Treatment

Another important area is the quality of the service you and your clients receive, make sure your PPH bookie service assigns you an account manager and also take your time to run test calls and chats to ensure your players will be receiving dedicated support and personalized treatment.

3. Test the Platform

Attention to detail is one of the areas PPH bookie services tend to fail at;  errors in the website they give you, a site that is not mobile-friendly, problems with your players’ setupwrong lines, or errors in grading, etc. In the end, it’s those “small” details that can make all the difference in the world and can end up costing your clients and money. This is what the Free Trials are for, the best in the industry will give you free access to test every feature of their system and service, take advantage of it.

Additional Advice

AcePerHead.com is my price per head sportsbook service of choice, it is regarded among the best in the industry, and although is not one of the biggest names existent, I actually see that as a  great advantage, they keep a low profile and I feel a lot more comfortable with my information and my player information being handled in a confidential manner; also it makes their customer service great, they make you feel like you are their one and most important client, and that alone makes all the difference in the world to me.

I hope this advice is useful to you, and remember, whatever you do and no matter what they promise you, make sure to take the test trial before you sign up for a pay per head bookie service.