Wager Alert feature

PPH agents need to keep their eye on the ball at all times to successfully manage exposure, keep track of certain players, and occasionally lay off some action to balance out their sheet. Up until now the only way to do this was to be logged in to the PPH agent dashboard, but that is no longer the case.

New Wager Alert Feature

This month,  unveiled its new Wager Alert feature; this innovative tool allows agents to keep track of sizeable bets and winning players in real-time.

The interface utilizes a complex series of algorithms to keep track of specific parameters; however, the expert developers at Ace Per Head, have created an easy-to-use interface that is both simple and fast to set up. You only need to set up the parameter once, and you will instantly start receiving notifications whenever the system encounters a match.

Here is how it works:

  • Login to your agent account, and click enable Wager Alerts to turn on the notification app.
  • Choose your preferred notification method, SMS Text, or Email.
  • Enter the email address or phone number to which the alert will be sent. For SMS Texts, you must also supply the carrier associated with the number.
  • Alerts can be general or detailed, we recommend you select the detailed which will include player account, risk/win amount, type of wager (money line, side, total), and team. The non-detailed alerts will only let you a wager matching your parameter that has been received over the web.
  • Once you have submitted the above information, it is time to set up your notification parameters, to do this, simply click Add Alert. Choose the amount of the wager you wish to be alerted on, you can define either the risk or the win amount of the wager. The amount you enter on either field will be the minimum threshold, meaning if you put the risk amount at $100 you will receive notifications on every wager risking $100 or more. If you enter 0 in either the risk or win fields, the system will send a notification of every wager received. You can choose to receive alerts on all players or a list of selected players only. Click save that you are done!

Agents can edit or delete alerts at any time, you can increase or decrease amounts, and add, or remove players from the notification list; all from the convenience of your agent dashboard.

An important issue to keep in mind is that the Wager Alert application will only work on regular sports bets placed online. You will not receive an alert if your player called in the wager, or if it was on VIP Live, casino, or horses. This means you will still need to check your dashboard throughout the day to review the whole activity of the package.

The Wager Alert notification app was designed to increase visibility and allow agents to better manage their exposure by making up to the second informed decision. If you are following a player, you need to know the instant they place a wager, so you can get the same line elsewhere.

The new Wager Alert is the latest addition to the suite of agent tools created by Ace Per Head, keep tuned for more innovative and helpful features to come.

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