Pay Per Head Software

Find the Right PPH Service for you

Are you getting everything you need from your current pay per head sportsbook software? In a market like todays you can demand to have the best of the best, after all this a very competitive industry where new standards are being set every day.  With the football season right around the corner you need to be prepared to make the most out of it, so if you still don’t have a PPH provider or if you are not happy with the service you are getting, start looking for a new option now, the right pay per head sportsbook can make a huge difference on how this season goes for you.

The best PPH service will let their service speak for itself

Not every pay per head sportsbook software can deliver what you need, and that’s why you need to understand that no matter what they promise you or if they say they are working on improvements, if their software and general setup is messed up there’s no improving that, at least not in the short term, because everything involving technological changes take time, and this usually translates into downtime for the end user.  Don’t risk it, go with a company that is already established, solid and that has the experience required to ensure a smooth and profitable football season.

A company that keeps raising the bar in every aspect is, they use DGS as their PPH sportsbook software, so that alone tells you they are professional and serious. They have been in business since 1998 and you’ve never heard of this company having problems of any kind, they actually like keeping a low profile, and that alone in my experience is a sign of a healthy and established PPH provider.  PPH sportsbooks that are too aggressive with their marketing strategy raise way too many red flags for my taste, I prefer books that run a tight ship and are discrete about their business and mine.

When you have your first approach with they will assign you a dedicated account representative, that person will be in charge of walking you through the whole setup process and answering any questions you may have, the cool thing about them is that it doesn’t matter if your business is big or small they give you great service, and I say this because when I started out with them I had a very modest number of players, that was a few years back, and with their help I am happy to say my business has grown substantially. You get demos and a very nice trial period, so you have plenty of time to test out their pay per head sportsbook software and make sure it satisfies your needs and your players’ needs.

Setting everything up with is fast and easy, if you don’t already have your own website you can choose among their templates or they’ll customize one for you; everything is mobile friendly so that’s also a huge plus, not only the design but also the pay per head sportsbook software itself is already optimized for use in mobile devices.