How to Open a Casino Site?

If you are looking to open up your own casino site, then the first place you should start is by getting set up with a pay per head site.

These sites are tailored to agents that want to book action from gamblers, and they provide a fully inclusive website with sports, casino, and racebook.

The reason you would use a service such as this is that they provide you with everything you need for a very affordable price. You could literally get set up in minutes over the phone and start having your players play on the casino immediately. This is much easier, faster, and cheaper than building your own casino site and creating your own casino games. Instead you can just use a service that provides numerous online casino games that are just waiting to be used by your players.

Virtual Games

Depending on the service you use, will determine the amount and type of casino games that are offered. But in general, most pay per head software providers like, have around 100 different games, ranging from blackjack, baccarat, craps, roulette, three card poker, pai gow poker, video poker, bingo, keno, and various slot machine games. In addition each game or table has its own specific limits of the minimum and maximum a player can bet per game.


Also the great thing for the bookie agent is that the house advantage for most casino sites, is anywhere between 3% to 6%, and players that consistently play in the virtual online casino always lose. Players tend to lose more on a virtual casino then a brick and mortar casino, because when playing on a casino site you play a lot more hands per minute and hour then you could possibly play at a casino with a table full of people, taking their time to make each play.

This increased amount of hands per sitting on a casino site leads to people losing a lot more money. In addition instead of people only playing with the money they have in their pocket at a real casino, on a casino site, you can offer your players a credit limit, which gives them more money to use upfront and also leads to players losing more money on a casino site.

Limit your Risk

The other great thing about having a casino site is that you can set daily and weekly max win amounts in the casino, that way your player gets cut off if they win a certain amount. This allows you to limit your risk since you are not a real casino that has unlimited funds and keeps players from winning more than you can afford or are comfortable paying out at one time.

Lastly the best part of the casino site for players is they can play 24/7 and never have to leave their home. This makes it extremely convenient for players to access the casino and play until their heart’s desire, which at the end of the day all leads to them losing more money from your casino site.