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NFL season is finally here, last night the reigning Champs New England Patriots got a little taste of reality when they fell against the Kansas City Chiefs 42-27. This took most folks by surprise as the Pats are at the top of the list of teams expected to win this season’s Super Bowl.

Taking NFL Betting to the Next Level

When most fans were shocked, stunned and saddened by this loss at home no less, bookies around the country could not be happier, given that an upset like this means big bucks for them almost every time.

It is almost always a good omen for bookie agents when the top team is defeated at home during their first game of the season, this means this year will most likely be unpredictable for bettors, which could potentially mean higher revenues throughout the season.

But, this was only one game, and if Brady has taught us anything over the years, is he hates to lose, and he will try hard to recuperate from this blow quickly. Which means, bookmakers cannot rest on their laurels, they need to do their homework to reel in the money.

Brady had just 16 completions out of 36 attempts for a total of 267 with no touchdowns last night, compared to Smith’s 28 completions on 35 attempts and 368 yards and 4 touchdowns. This is not a scenario you see often with Brady, but it remains to be seen if this will be a trend or just a bad night.

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