Free Plays

There are many different added and extra features on pay per head websites that agents can use to their advantage. One great extra feature that many pay per head sites offer is one that does not even have to do with a specific wagering option, but it is a great option to use to offer your customers.

This Feature is a Free Play

A free play is exactly what it sounds like, it is a free wager that a player can use to place a bet that will not cost them anything if they lose the wager. For example, if an agent wants to give one of his players a $500 free play, then he can add that to the player’s account, or call his PPH sportsbook site and have them add that to the player of his choice. Once the $500 has been added to the account, the player will have the choice when he makes a wager, if he wants to use his available balance, or if he wants to use his free play. He does not have to use the entire free play amount on one wager, the player can divide it up into whatever increments he wants and some pay per head sites even allow players to bet up to a 2-team parlay or 2-team teaser with the free play.

When the wager is placed using the Free Play, it will look like an ordinary wager, except for the fact that in the description it will say the type of wager, such as straight bet and then (FP or Free Play). In addition, it will say risking 0, because this will mean that if the bet loses nothing will be deducted from the account, and then it will say the win amount, so $200, if the player placed the wager to win $200. If the wager wins, then the $200 will be added to the player’s current balance, and then the free play amount used for this wager will be subtracted from the total free play amount in the account. So in this example, the player would have risked $220 in free play to win $200, so he would then have $280 left in free play after this wager is placed.

The Free play can be used in many different scenarios and is perfect to give to players because it does not come directly out of your pocket. If a player is a big loser, and always pays their losses when they lose, then you can reward them with a free play as a bonus and form of gratitude. So if a player loses and pays $10,000 then you can award them a $500 free play. Your player will be thrilled to get something for free, and it is much cheaper for you than giving your player a $500 kickback in cash. Also, free plays can be used as a way to entice your current players to refer new players to you. For example, you can offer your players a $100 free play for any new player that they refer.

Lastly, if there is ever an issue with a play or something in a player´s account, then you can just give them a free play as an extra bonus as a form of good faith.

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