Bookie Agent Solution

It has been said that money and commerce make the world go round, in the gambling industry, it is hard to argue with that statement. Although the service of betting online, is not your traditional retail commerce, it does provide a service for millions of clients.

What Makes the Wagering World Go Round?

But, what is it that powers all this? For independent bookies, it comes down to the service they receive from their bookie agent solution. Some services are ok, others are just awful and a handful of them are great.

The great pay per head companies like, offer more value for the same price, simple as that. Better software, better customer service, more payment options, more flexibility, and more service solutions.

An example of this last one, comes in the form of their turnkey and white label solutions, what is the difference between these two models?

With their Turnkey Solution, your players will be sharing access to Ace’s betting frontend, the site has no identifying logos, so your customers will not associate the site with Ace Per Head. They will enjoy the state of the art betting engine which combines sports, casino, and horse racing in one convenient backend. Setups take as little as 15 to 20 minutes and you are ready to go.

The White Label, on the other hand, will allow you to market your brand as if it were a stand-alone operation. You can pay to have your own custom website, complete with your unique logo, color scheme, and contact information. The betting frontend will be exclusive for your players, and you can market it as you please. The white-label solution will take a little more time to set up, but it is still faster than at most other pay per heads, and the cost is extremely affordable.

The true worth of a bookie agent solution lies in the power of their lines and their profit margins, and in this respect, Ace Per Head has no rivals. Year after year they have generated higher profits for the agents than competing sites, and it all comes down to their expert line management.

Each agent has different needs, and they have come up with a foolproof strategy to accommodate all agents regardless of size, they have done this with the aid of technology. Complex algorithms enable them to automate line movements across thousands of line types and player profiles instantly.

But this is not enough to yield high returns, the professionalism and dedication of the staff is the real power behind the lines. values its employees and provides the right environment for them to succeed. And this motivates them to do better every day, as a result, agents and their businesses are benefited.

To answer the question stated above, what makes the wagering world go round?

It’s the synergy created between the best pay per head service, its employees, and the agents. Establishing great communication channels helps resolve problems quickly, improve the player experience, increase loyalty, and revolutionize the industry.

Don’t wait any longer, visit Ace Pay Per Head today and chat with one of the account managers to see how they can help power your business.