Sportsbook Betting Strategies

Did you know that baseball is one of the only sports for which the majority of Americans are a fan of? Chances are, a baseball fan is reading this right now!

Americans love watching sports which is why so many are beginning to bet on them too. We aren’t talking about friendly sports bets with your friends. We are talking about online sports betting that can make your real money.

Whether you are a newbie or seasoned sports bettor, you can benefit from the sportsbook betting strategies in this guide.

Sports Betting Fundamentals

This sportsbook betting strategies guide will first focus on the fundamentals of sports betting. Without understanding the fundamentals, you won’t be able to implement a successful strategy.

These are the things you need to figure out before becoming a sports betting strategist.

Choosing a Sports Betting Site

This is the biggest key to sports betting success. Without choosing the right site, you won’t win any bets.

If you’re a beginner at sportsbook betting, comparing and contrasting different sites is a great plan. If you’ve been sports betting for a while, but have noticed the site you are working with is not agreeing with you, it’s time for a change.

These days, the best way to start betting is online. Knowing how to get better at sports betting involves picking the right site to use.

When researching different sites, consider these factors:

  • Betting markets
  • Betting features
  • Availability of sports
  • Customer support
  • Live bets
  • Payment options
  • User experience
  • Welcome bonus

Not every site will have all of these options so it is essential to decide which are most important to you. Ace Per Head offers an amazing experience for sports betting through featured software.

Strategy Basics

If you want to know how to come up with sports betting strategies that work for you, you’ll first need to implement the basics. When you begin with strategy basics, you can level up faster.

Spotting Sleeper Picks

In sports betting, the term chalk refers to picking players or teams projected to do well based on expert opinions.

Chalk may sound like a smart technique, but even the experts aren’t always right. A seasoned sports bettor will tell you that they’re actually wrong more often than not.

This is where sleeper picks come in. A sleeper pick refers to a team or player that the analysts don’t believe in, but you feel otherwise. The term gets its name because the experts are “sleeping” on what’s in front of them.

Learning how to spot sleeper picks involves a lot of research and sometimes your gut instinct. Sleeper picks can get addicting if you identified something someone else didn’t see.

However, it is essential not to just use this strategy when sports betting. That gut feeling isn’t always right so don’t throw logic completely out of the window. You could make big bucks but you could also lose a lot.

Bet on the Right Sports

In this business, certain sports are not technically better than others. You can bet on any type of sport you want. We do recommend betting on the sports you know and understand the best.

You can always make money on a wide variety of sports. Yet, it may work out better to focus on a few sports at a time especially if you are a beginner.

Another rule of thumb when betting on the sports you know best is to leave the emotion out of it. For example, if you want to bet on football only, set rational and realistic bets. Don’t just bet on the team you are a fan of.

Money Management

This strategy seems like a given, but we cannot express the importance of it. Without a good bankroll management strategy, you’ll lose your money in no time.

If you truly want to know how to get good at sports betting, you need to avoid busting with bad money management. Set a few rules for yourself and follow them religiously.

Strategies for Bet Types

There are different bet types that strategies will apply to. Even inexperienced bettors can use the following bet-type strategies to up their skills.

Point Spreads

The first type of bet we will cover is point spreads. This bet involves wagering money propositions. These odds are balanced so you may only need to risk $1.10 to win $1.

Depending on the sport, a point spreads strategy will be different. However, four general tips can apply to every sport:

  • Take bonus offers
  • Use reputable betting sites
  • Be wary of road favorites
  • Understand key numbers

Bonus offers can give you more money to wager with. You can also use multiple betting sites to try to maximize your profits.


In the United States, totals are one of the most popular wagers. You may have heard of them by another name, over/under bets.

Hockey is the easiest sport for totals to work with. The strategy for this type of bet involves a lot of calculations.

By adding goals scored with the average goals allowed for each team and then dividing the sum by two, you should be able to roughly predict how many goals are scored in a hockey game.

Other sports are a lot more complicated to figure out because other factors come into play. For example, if you are trying to make a totals bet on baseball, you have to consider the starting pitcher, batter performance, and the lineup.

Although it takes a lot more work, there is more data to use with baseball. It may be worth the extra math to make a precise prediction and win some major bets.


After the point spread, moneylines are an alternative for betting on basketball and football. However, bettors still use them in baseball, hockey, and other sports.

Also known as a win bet, moneylines are used with two possible outcomes. The two choices are to back the favorite to win or support the underdog.

Unlike point spreads, moneylines are not a 50/50 proposition. It won’t matter how many points the teams win by which makes the chance of winning higher. Since the odds are lower, you have to risk more money.

A great moneyline strategy is to use your free play bonuses. Because free play bonuses aren’t worth as much as cash bonuses, you can use moneylines to get value out of them.


Another common bet type is the parlay even though they are harder to win than the other bets. If you have the right strategy in place, you may have a better chance and can gain a high payout.

Some gamblers will choose to avoid them fully, but there are effective ways for betting parlays. This wager involves several selections to be made on one ticket. For the parlay to be successful, every team must win on the ticket.

If only one team on the ticket loses, you still lose everything. This is why some choose to avoid parlays because of the risk factor surrounding the type of bet.

If you have a free play, a parlay is a good bet to make. There is no risk because you won’t be losing real money, just a free play. Although you won’t make much with a free play, you’ll be able to see how the parlay works.

Another technique for betting parlays is to bypass betting limits. Find the parlay with the best odds before waging a lot of money.

More Betting Strategies

The above four types of bets and their strategies aren’t the only strategies out there. There are strategies that you can use for a lot of different types of bets instead of just one.

Hedge Betting

The idea of hedge betting is to protect existing bets against potential losses. Hedge betting can guarantee profits but also guarantees a loss.

For example, if you bet on the underdog to win in an upcoming game, you can bet on the favorite to win as well. Not all situations are right for the hedge betting strategy. However, it can be used to reduce unwanted risk.

Arbitrage Betting

Similar to hedge betting is arbitrage betting. This strategy involves putting bets on every outcome of an event to maximize and guarantee a profit.

It’s not as easy as it sounds as you have to do a lot of research and have patience. If a bookmaker has a different view than the likely outcome, you can use an arbitrage betting strategy to guarantee you make money.

Fading the Public

Fading the public is another betting strategy that you can use at basically anytime. Fading the public refers to going against popular public opinion. Although this could lead to high profits, it is a high-risk strategy.

In contrast, another strategy called chasing stream involves following what the public and professional gamblers are doing.

Start Sportsbook Betting With These Helpful Strategies

Sportsbook betting strategies range from the type of bet to the sport being bet on to the person who is betting. Although these strategies seem simple enough, seeing a profit return may take time.

No matter what strategy you want to use, finding the right online sports betting site is the ultimate key to success. Ace Per Head has you covered with a professional player betting interface.

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