Sports Bookie Software

Every year presents its own challenges and opportunities for business owners, and this is certainly true for online sportsbooks, there are no guarantees that profits will increase or even remain stable but, there is, however, a significant difference in revenue generated in any given year when you are working with experts.

See the Difference the Experts Make

Pay per head businesses offering sports bookie software solution seem to sprout every year like wild mushrooms, most don’t last more than a couple of seasons and those who make it past that mark don’t seem to improve their services in any significant way.

The experts, however, do things differently, every year they add value to their services, improve their performance and that of the agents who have registered with them. If you are wondering where these unicorns of pay per head services are to be found, there is only one right answer, .

How can Ace Per Head Help Improve Your Sportsbooks Performance

There are countless ways a bookie can improve their business performance, increasing the number of players is one way, understanding how its existing players generate revenue for him is another. Acquiring more players is something only the bookie agent can do, but understanding how players generate revenue is something that is an expert at, not only are they able to determine how an agent is generating profits, they can assist in pinpointing ways to increase the profits being generated.

How does Ace Per Head do this?

They analyze player data generated by the sports bookie software; they can study which products (sports, casino, horses, live betting) players are more interested in and share these findings with the agents. In the case of sports, they can even narrow it down to a specific sport, or league, in the casino they can offer valuable information as to which games are more popular, or if players prefer the live casino over the virtual games.

This information is also available to the agents through the myriad of reports offered in the report manager section of the agent console, however, not all agents check for these things on a regular basis, so if the staff at Ace Per Head sees an opportunity for the agent to increase his profits, they will share this with them.

Another way Ace improves an agent’s sportsbook performance is by closely watching players betting patterns, and offering expert risk management services which are included in the basic price of just $10 per head. With the use of the bet ticker tool, the expert line and odds managers at Ace can see in real time as wagers are coming in through the system regardless of how the player is accessing the platform, it could be a mobile device, the call center or a desktop computer, all wagers show instantly on the screen.

This allows the experts to get to know and understand a player’s betting strategy, making it easier for them to identify potentially dangerous players, they won’t take any corrective measures unless the agent specifically instructs them to, but the information is shared with the agent, so he/she can make an informed decision on how to handle the player.

These services can only be offered by expert pay per head companies like, so don’t wait another minute, switch today and see for yourself the difference an expert can make.