Bookie Set Betting Lines

If you are looking to be a bookie then the best course of action would be to get set up with a pay per head company.

These PPH companies provide bookies with an all-inclusive sportsbook website with thousands of betting options to choose from each day. The best part is these services are the ones that set the betting lines and update all lines up to the second.

This is the main reason why bookies should use a pay per head companies, because they will get experienced line movers that set the lines and work 24/7 to make sure lines are always updated and in the advantage of the book.


One of the best pay per head companies in the current market is They use a few different factors when setting lines. For starters they take an average of the 5 biggest books in the market and then set the line for each sporting event. Then based on where the action is going the line and the juice gets moved accordingly. Lastly Ace Per Head has some very sharp professional bettors using their site so they also move the line and the juice according to what these professional bettors bet on.

These factors all lead to Ace having some of the sharpest lines in the business. As a result the average weekly hold percentage when using Ace is 14% per week compared to the industry average of 5%. The hold percentage is simply the total amount lost divided by the total amount risked on wagers. In laymen terms a higher hold percentage just means players lose more money, which means that on Ace players are losing on average 9% more than the standard site. The reason players lose more is because of the sharper lines, juice that gets moved accordingly, and more overall betting options.

Ace has an entire team of lines makers working at all times and they have a combined over 200 year’s total experience as bookmakers. So that experience alone makes their service priceless because bookies can feel confident that the lines are being handled correctly and promptly.

This enables bookies to focus on just collecting and growing their sportsbook business by acquiring more players and letting Ace do all the technical aspects on setting the betting lines and bookmaking.

The only thing that Ace charges for this fully inclusive service is $10 per active player per week, and you as the bookie only get charged if the player has a graded wager for that week. So for example if you have 100 players but only 50 players actually bet that week, then you will only get charged for those 50 players which would be a total of $500 for that week, and then whatever the players win or lose that week you will keep 100% of those profits.

So if you are ready to start booking action on a site that has some of the sharpest betting lines in the market, then give Ace Pay Per Head a call today at 1-800-909-5193 and get set up immediately.