PPH Bookie Services

The world of online gambling continues to grow, and the competition gets fiercer by the minute it seems. Bookies face many challenges when trying to stay relevant and compete with some of the bigger names out there.

The Skinny on Price Per Head Services

Among these challenges, quality of service and customer acquisition and retention rank among the highest. For agents who rely on the use of PPH bookie services to operate, these issues can easily be addressed and overcome, provided that the price per head company selected is the right choice for the agent.

Quality of Service

When we speak about the quality of service, this refers not just to customer service, but the service a pay per head provides in general.

From the quality of the lines, how fast the betting odds are posted, the flexibility given to bookie agents in creating personalized line types and player profiles, to the technical aspects of the business, such as servers, connectivity, network speed, and reliability.

Clearly, the size and variety of betting markets is something that most bookies are looking for, this means the ideal price per head company should provide odds for the most popular sports and leagues from around the world. But, the betting offering should not be limited to sports and leagues, the top PPH bookie service provider, which today happens to be Ace Per Head, also offers a greater variety of wager types and the biggest selection of props, futures, alternative lines and of course the most sought out new product in sports gambling, live betting.

Although we mentioned that quality of service does not just pertain to customer service, we cannot ignore the value excellent customer support provides to any business, especially an online one which tends to be more impersonal, and therefore it presents more significant challenges when it comes to creating loyalty.

In the service industry, and online sports gambling is one of the fastest growing segments in the service and entertainment industries; excellent customer experience is invaluable. Studies have shown that consumers who are pleased with their exchanges with an online service or retailer are more likely to return and even increase the amount of time and money spent on that site compared to a user who had a somewhat satisfactory experience.

Other studies have concluded that consumers are more likely to voice their complaints about service in an online platform or social media outlet, this exposes bookie agents to bad publicity and can have significant adverse effects on their bottom line.

At , the attention to detail in every aspect of their service means that not only bookies but their players benefit from an overall great experience while placing their sports, casino or horse wagers online.

This will ultimately serve to increase customer loyalty and increase customer retention, while at the same time increasing per player profitability.

Player Acquisition

I’m sure you’ve noticed that every PPH bookie service out there, are adamant about that the fact that they do not actively engage in player acquisition on behalf of an agent.

This remains true; however, the right pay per head company will provide the necessary tools to help agents actively seek and enroll new players.

Part of this was discussed previously, excellence in service will mean good publicity and new players will be trying to contact bookies and not the other way around. But there is another tool that most agents are either in the dark about or for some reason choose not to take advantage of.

I am of course talking about the sub-agent business model.

Sub-agents can be considered as sales professionals who represent the bookie, their role is to acquire new players. There are different ways to handle sub-agents, for example as an agent you may choose to pay this person a finder’s fee, or even a fixed salary to go scouting for bettors on your behalf. Most agents, however, decide to offer their sub-agents a cut of the profits, how much is really up to each agent, there isn’t a set minimum or maximum.

Working with sub-agents offers bookies great benefits, they are able to expand their market reach, and they have someone who is doing most of the hard work when it comes to acquiring agents. Sub-agents can also handle payments and act as collection agents which frees time for the master agent to focus on running their operation or even have more leisure time to spend with family and friends.

The reason a lot of bookies shy away from recruiting sub-agents is the hassles associated with that, since you may negotiate different share percentages, the weekly task of settling how much is owed to each sub-agent becomes more of a nuisance than anything else.

As a PPH bookie provider, www.AcePerHead.com has the necessary tools for agents to manage 1st and even 2nd tier sub-agents without the hassle. The software provides all the information and running reports for each sub-agent can be done in a matter of seconds.

This way, bookie agents can monitor which sub-agents are underperforming, and which are worth their weight in gold.

The way the system keeps track of all sub-agents is as follows:

The master agent is identified in the system, and under him, there can be an infinite number of sub-agents.

Each sub-agent is linked to the main agent when its created in the system

Players that have been recruited by the sub-agent will show under the sub-agent but are automatically linked to the primary agent. This means the master agent can view, and modify any account even if it is under a sub-agent account

Sub-agents will have access to the back office to keep track of their players and run reports, but, they won’t have access to any information pertaining to another sub-agent or to players who are not under their sub-agent package.

Master agents have full control of all the players, and they can disable a sub-agent or any of their players at any time.

Sub-agents, on the other hand, will need to obtain the master agent’s approval before they can modify any player profile, increase wager limits, etc.

Working with sub-agents is one of the best and most cost-effective ways for independent bookies to grow their business. And having the right tools to manage them, means more time to do focus on the critical things.