Defining Your Horse Racing Betting Strategy

Unlike traditional sports betting, a pari-mutuel system is used in horse racing. This system places all of the wagered money into a pool to determine the odds on each horse.

Because there is an eliminated risk of the house trying to influence an event outcome, horse betting is legal in many states that don’t legalize gambling or sports betting.

If you want to get involved with horse betting, you need a strategy. Defining a horse racing betting strategy that works requires knowing about the most popular options. Keep reading to learn what they are.

Backing Longshots

Backing longshots is a risky strategy, but the bigger the risk in betting, the higher the payout if you win. If executed correctly, betting on horses with higher odds can be profitable, but it won’t work every time.

As you become more experienced, you’ll start to recognize undervalued odds. Capitalize on these odds by betting on horses with a better chance of winning than what the odds say.

If you want to test out betting on longshots but don’t know much about horse betting, follow expert tips. You can join a Discord or betting community that focuses on horse betting to find top picks.

Dutch Betting Strategy

The Dutch betting strategy involves betting on multiple horses in one race. A bettor backing more than one horse has a better chance of winning some money.

Distribute the bets proportionally based on their odds so that the profit remains the same for whatever horse wins.

Let’s look at an example of how his horse racing betting strategy works. If you chose three horses in one race with odds of 4/1, 3/1, and 2/1, you would distribute the bet like this:

  • Horse 4/1: 25% of wager
  • Horse 3/1: 33.3% of wager
  • Horse 2/1: 50% of wager

This approach increases the likelihood that you win a bet, but the payout is likely to be smaller.

80/20 Strategy

The 80/20 strategy is similar to Dutch betting because it involves backing more than one horse.

When you use this strategy, you place 80% of your stake on the horse favored to win and 20% on a less-favored horse. It’s easy to tell which horse is likely to win if you know how to read odds.

There are still upsets in horse racing, and betting is not a guaranteed way to make money. Proper research and analysis can help you make the best decisions when wagering money.

Exactas, Trifectas, and Superfectas

An exacta bet requires the bettor to correctly predict the first- and second-place horses in the exact order they finish the race.

A trifecta in horse race betting is similar to an exacta but involves correctly predicting the first, second, and third-place horses. You must also predict the exact order of the horses.

You may have guessed it already, but a superfecta involves guessing the correct first, second, third, and fourth-place winners. Due to the difficulty of this bet, it comes with a lot of risk but a high payout.

Horse Betting Box

You can increase the odds of winning these types of bets when you “box” multiple horses.

This means you bet on the possible combinations of the horses you choose to finish first and second for an exacta, first, second, and third for a trifecta, and so on.

In these bets, you don’t have to determine which order the horses are placed in. You simply have to name the horses that can win in any combination.

Because this increases your odds of winning a bet, your payout will be lower.

Yankee Strategy

The Yankee strategy involves placing 11 bets on four horses in different races. This bet can be complicated for newer bettors, but we’ll break it down as best we can.

The strategy includes one fourfold accumulator, six double bets, and four treble bets. The system allows the bettor to reap profits by wagering smaller stakes.

These bets can be a challenge to correctly forecast because multiple races are involved in the card.

Form Analysis Strategy

You can study a horse’s performance and recent form to gain insight into its ability. You’ll have a better understanding of a horse’s chances of success with the form analysis strategy.

Assess these factors to help you out:

  • Recent race results
  • Performance on different tracks
  • Distance suitability
  • Jockey and trainer performance
  • Notable patterns or trends

This strategy requires more research than others, but it could be worth it. Plus, you’ll feel better about making a bet when you understand a horse better.

Jockey Experience

Don’t underestimate the importance of jockey experience when researching horses to bet on. A jockey directs the horse around the track.

Novice bettors put all of their research into horses and forget the person in the driver’s seat. When researching a jockey, check if they have a winning history and if they’ve been on a winning streak recently.

Check if they are staying in shape. Added weight on the back of a horse will make a difference during the race.

Most importantly, check their experience with the horse they are racing. It takes a while for horses and jockeys to get used to each other. For this reason, it’s best to bet on experienced jockeys who know their horses well.

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Choosing Your Horse Racing Betting Strategy

With the help of this guide, you can choose a horse racing betting strategy that works for you. You might find that combining strategies is the best way to go.

Once you become an expert horse racing bettor, consider becoming a bookie and setting your odds.

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