Pay Per Player Software

Expanding your bookmaking business through the use of junior partners or sub-agents is a great way to increase revenue without the headache of finding all the players yourself.

Learn to Easily Manage Them All

However, managing your sub-agents without the proper tools is a nightmare in and of itself, which is why so many bookies shy away from the opportunity to keep tabs on their competition because that is what these potential sub-agents represent, competition.

Wouldn’t you rather have those guys working for you instead of against you? You can, and you should, just make sure you choose the right pay per player software provider.

There are many benefits of having sub-agents.

Here are just a few:

You Control Your Competition

A sub-agent is usually a small-time guy that has a few players on his sheet, at least that is how most start out, some, however, grow their business to where they can actually be considered dangerous competition for you.

By having them work for you, you can keep an eagle eye on their proceedings, how they are conducting business, you can even learn a thing or two from them, and if they grow enough as to where they want to branch out and go solo, then you are in a position to offer them a better deal and make them stay with you.

Increased Profits

With the ability to have second and third-tier agents under you, you can make profits without breaking a sweat.

After you have acquired a few sub-agents on your own, you will start seeing that these guys are referring their friends to work with you as well. This works well for all involved, as you make a profit from all agents under your package, but, the sub-agent who referred the new guy also makes a cut.

Lower Costs

It is no secret that pay-per-player companies offer discounts on their services to agents with large player sheets, and the annual savings are considerable.

Having sub-agents means you have more players in your package, which gives you the leverage you need to re-negotiate the terms of your service contract.

Lower monthly costs mean more profits for you, you can choose to pass these savings on to some or all your sub-agents or not, the payments to the pay per head company are done by you as the master agent, so your sub-agents will not know about the price reduction unless you tell them.

Now clearly having sub-agents entails much more work than you are accustomed to, or at least that is what a lot of bookies think because they are used to handling everything on an excel sheet. This is where the choice of pay per player software provider comes into play.

Some price-per-head sportsbook services have a very primitive sub-agent capability, one which is prone to errors, omissions, and other problems, which is why agents still keep track of everything the old-school way. But, other companies like have a much more advanced agent interface, one where keeping track of the activity of their sub-agents is virtually hassle-free.

I say virtually hassle-free because agents will still need to coordinate with their sub-agents every week to pay and collect players and split profits and other details. But as far as having all the information necessary at the tips of their fingers, the software does it all.

Advantages of Being the Master Agent

As a master agent, you have full visibility of everyone under you, whether they be your players, your sub-agent’s players, or even the players on the third-tier level of sub-agents. I know that sounded confusing but trust me it is not, the software breaks down all the sub-agents under you, and any sub-agent under them, making it easy to understand who is bringing in profits and who is draining them.

Master agents also have complete control over players, you can block, close, or re-open any account under your master agent package at any time, you can increase or decrease credit limits, wagering limits, switch the players profile and line type at any time without having to go through the sub-agent.

Your sub-agents can only see the players and sub-agents under them, they will never be able to see any information about your players or your other sub-agents. Additionally, you can set the level of access of each sub-agent, some will have more liberty to adjust limits than others. This way you can even select one of your sub-agents to be your second in command, this is extremely helpful for when you need to take some time off, you can leave someone else in charge, but, I should clarify a sub-agent will never have the level of access you have, unless you share your account information with them, this was done on purpose to add a layer of security.

Sub-agents can run all the reports a master agent can, but, theirs will only reflect information about their players, a master agent will see everything. Running reports on Monday morning will probably be the easiest chore you have all week, in a matter of minutes you will be able to see who won, who lost, who owes you money and who you need to pay.

The pay per player software that Ace Per uses is so flexible, it allows you as a master agent to negotiate different deals with different sub-agents, you can have different splits for each or use a standard split with all.

These settings are easily edited so if you feel the need to re-negotiate your deal with one of your sub-agents you can do so at any time, the reports will automatically adjust to reflect the new rules.

Another security feature that the pay per player software provides is any change done in the system is recorded in real-time, therefore you will be able to see who, when, and what changes were done to any player account, sub-agents cannot make changes to their own accounts as a security feature.

If you have been thinking of ways to increase your player base and profits, the easiest way is through sub-agents with the best pay-per-player software and the best place to manage them is at Ace Per Head.