How to Run a Bookie Operation

Every business owner has a vision of their enterprise growing, becoming successful, self-sustainable, and practically managing itself.

Gambling’s Biggest Hurdle

The problem is, that most bookies don’t have a plan as to how to get there, and mismanaged growth can be fatal to a business.

Owning a sports betting business does not necessarily qualify someone to know how to run a bookie operation, and this is the single biggest reason why online betting shops fail.

How to Manage Your Business Growth

There are many ways to manage a business successfully, every endeavor is different, starting with the people working within it, and ending with their customers. Therefore, there are no definitive answers to provide.

However, there is a certain strategy that has proven to be effective in managing growth, and that is to split your business into verticals. I know this sounds like a radical idea, but hear me out. Your company has grown in an organic way, meaning you have not merged with or acquired any other bookie business, and you would like to keep it that way for obvious reasons.

But it has now reached a critical mass stage where you can no longer handle every aspect of it. The cost of running your sportsbook continues to increase, and your service is not improving accordingly. By choosing to slip it into virtual sub-companies you can lower costs, improve efficiency and increase your profit margins.

What do I mean by virtual sub-company? Simply, you move your operation to www., and you split duties. You are still the owner of 100% of your business, you do not have partners or investors to answer to, you are, however, managing your resources more efficiently, which in turn helps you manage your growth more successfully.

Bookie Operation Infographic

So, let’s break this down, what are the main areas of a sports betting operation

  • Technical – This includes servers, internet, software, data security, website maintenance, etc.
  • Operational – Managing the day-to-day operation of your products – Sportsbook, Casinos, Horses – This involves posting and managing lines, taking bets, grading, risk management, and other daily tasks.
  • Financial – Paying and collecting from players on a weekly basis or when the settlement figure has been reached.
  • Marketing – Promoting your business, acquiring new clients, and retaining your current players.

Now imagine, if you no longer had to take care of either the technical or the operational side of your business, these two items are not only the most expensive to run, but they are also incredibly complicated and delicate aspects of the business, and thus take up a considerable amount of your precious time.

By signing up as an agent with, you can do just that, they will provide all the technical and operational aspects you need for an affordable price, much lower than what you are currently paying running your business on your own, and because this is what they specialize in, their service is far superior to anything you have had in the past. It also means you can benefit from their innovative technology, offering more services, betting markets, and products to your players, which will make acquiring and retaining them a much easier task.

The best answer to how to run a bookie operation is to go vertical with