Do Bookies Ban Winners

The bookie makes his money purely from having his overall number of players lose more money than they win overall. Most sports bettors lose money over the long term but do have some lucky weeks. This is just part of the swings of being a bookie, because if players never won, then they would either go broke or just lose interest in betting together.

However, there is a very small percentage of players in the world that are either very good at betting over the long term or are sharp professional bettors.

Guys that are long-term winners, often give very little action and are extremely selective with their bets, and have a lot of discipline. These types of bettors are not actually the type of players you want, because losers are the opposite and bet multiple bets per day and have no discipline, and tend to chase the second they start losing money, which makes them lose even more money. Instead these types of winners that bet infrequently and are up over long periods of the time eat into profits, and are often best to just ban from continuing to bet with you.

The other dangerous bettor that should be banned is one that is a sharp professional bettor that often gets inside information on key injuries, is always betting before a line makes a move, and gets games that move in his favor. These types of players are often bettors in the market that actually cause big sportsbooks and pay per head providers to start moving the line in a certain direction. They are always getting line moves in their favor, and because of this have a higher percentage chance of winning. These players will also eat into overall profits for a bookie, and are better to ban, as soon as they are caught before they can win even larger amounts of money.

Quality PPH Sites Can Catch These Bettors Faster

A premium pay per head service will be able to catch these sharp bettors right away because they already have these types of players betting in their system. So because of that, they can quickly compare your players’ betting patterns to one of the current sharp players that are already betting on their site. These guys often come in as a group at the same time and bet the same game, which a top-quality PPH provider will notice right away.

Once caught you can start off with a delay on these types of players which will delay the time it takes for the player to confirm and finalize his wager, and in that time frame the lines team at the PPH provider can move the line against this player. This along with lowering the limits on a sharp player can slow them down, and potentially get them to start losing. However, if the player is still winning after making these changes, then it is often best to ban this player and just stop taking action.

These types of players if not caught soon enough can win large amounts of money and really hurt a bookies´ bottom line profits. Since you as the bookie are running a business to earn money, having to pay out this type of player is not good for your overall bookmaking business. Paying them what they won and cutting them off, is the smarter decision than thinking the player will eventually lose, and just keep letting him play and win even more money.

If you are using a top-rated pay-per-head service they will notify you when you have these types of players or you can have them check out any player you are concerned about and they can tell you right away if this is a player to cut loose or just make very subtle changes on. Taking the advice of these services will definitely help you protect your profits and keep you in the bookmaking sportsbook business for the long haul.