Sharp Bookie Software

It’s been said before, sharp lines are the bloodline of the online gambling business, the days where you could deal a double line and separate squares from sharp players are all but gone, with all the lines being available online these days it is difficult to maintain credibility if you are dealing different lines to players.

How Sharp Lines Improve your Bottom Line

And any bookie will tell you it is better to deal sharp lines than to expose your livelihood to great loses due to weak or lose lines. Players are more knowledgeable these days and this could be problematic if not handled correctly.

Dealing Sharp Lines

The first thing a bookie should be concerned about is having the right tools to properly set their odds, that is why the odds and lines experts at use the best sharp bookie software, that has been enhanced with custom tools created in-house.

These additional features provide greater visibility and facilitate player analysis, which in turn allows the line managers to better prepare for hard hits from sharp players. These tools are part of the risk management service that is offered to all agents who register with Ace Per Head.

How Do Sharp Lines Increase Profits?

A lot of agents who are just starting out, ask me why should I choose a sharp line over a soft line? If I know most of my players are square why should I be giving them sharp lines?

My answer to this is, if you are absolutely sure every single one of your players have no clue as to what they are doing, and they have no way of ever educating themselves, then you should consider offering soft lines, because your players are more likely to always bet the favorite and they will be willing to pay whatever amount you put out for them.

But, if you have some players who are a little smarter, and like to do research, then you definitely don’t want to offer soft lines, because these players will easily identity value in all your soft lines and they can end up having a very negative impact on your bottom line over time.

The Number One Rookie Mistake

Inexperienced agents are easily impressed, they have one good week and they want every week to be the same. Booking sports action is as volatile as the stock market, and it has the same pitfalls, if you get greedy you will end up losing everything.

Seasoned agents understand that some weeks will be better than others, sure it’s nice when you make a killing, but, slow and steady is by far the best strategy, a little every week is better than huge swings where one week you net more than 100K only to lose 150K the next.

In order to become an odds expert like the ones working at, you need to be level-headed, impulsive personalities don’t have a place in today’s line management, those days died when the internet took off and the industry became a global public community.

Being able to look at things objectively, and knowing when it’s worth taking a chance and when it is not, is the bread and butter of all bookie agents. The definition of a bookie changed in recent years, it used to be the bookie was the one setting the lines and taking the action, with the creation of price per head services, most bookies now chose to have the odds set up by the line experts at .

This does not mean that an agent can’t set and move his own lines, clearly, they can, but most trust that this side of their business is better handled by experts. And because one of the features of the software is transparency, agents can monitor their lines in real time when and wherever they are.

What Role Does Software Play in Setting the Odds?

Sharp bookie software is one of the most important things for a pay per head service, while the staff at Ace Per Head makes everything look simple and easy, the reality is that what they do on a daily basis is extremely intricate and requires a great deal of knowledge and concentration as well as an ability to foresee the potential actions of players.

This becomes even harder when you are posting and managing lines for thousands of different agents, these agents are considered individual sportsbooks, so imagine the amount of data that needs to be processed and analyzed in real time, it is mind-boggling.

That is why software plays such a huge part in all of this, betting software is actually smart, through a series of algorithms and rules it can be programmed to work in certain ways, for example, there are countless lines types being managed every single minute of the day by a handful of experts, so, to minimize human error, increase speed and efficiency, the software can be programmed to move each of the line types a certain way every time the main line is updated.

In the coming years, we will start seeing AI (Artificial Intelligence) being used in sports betting software, the way these sharp bookie software platforms work nowadays is certainly reminiscent of early stages of AI, but, in my opinion, even the best AI will never be able to replace an odd expert, there is a human element in sports betting, and I doubt a machine at least in our lifetime ever be able to have gut feelings.

But, one thing I am willing to do is put good money where my mouth is, I predict that when AI is introduced to sports betting software, the first ones to have it will be For years they have been innovating and transforming the way bookies do business, and they continue to do so.

Smart bookies understand the value of a sharp line and how much it can impact their revenues overall. If you are new to this business, you need to trust the experts and know they have your back. Steady profits will always be better than fast and reckless earnings.