Becoming Professional Bookie

Becoming a professional bookie is a career path that most of us did not consider when we younger, it certainly wasn’t a subject that was discussed in school, so unless you were born into a household that gambled, you probably don’t know much about the ins and outs of the business.

Practical Lessons that Work

There are a lot of pros to becoming a bookie, but there are also a lot of pitfalls that can turn your ambitious dream of a life of luxury into a bankrupt reality. To help you succeed in this competitive market, has put together some of the hard-learned lessons that have made them successful throughout the years.

Lesson 1- Approach Bookmaking with a Professional Mindset

You must primarily realize that bookmaking is a business, it is not a hobby, it is not something you do for pleasure. Sure, there is no reason why you cannot derive pleasure from your business endeavor, but, it is work, and to be successful at it, you must work hard.

Successful bookmakers are level headed and consistent, don’t be swayed by public opinions on a game, don’t go chasing money after a bad week. Do your research, and set your lines in a way that will generate interest within your client base without over exposing yourself. Bad weeks, yes, they will happen it is part of the business, don’t despair, eventually most players lose more than they win.

Lesson 2 – The importance of Value and Price

This one expands a little on a point made in lesson one, the truly great bookmakers are extremely price savvy and astute. The key to consistently turn a profit is to establish your position based on price discrepancies, there is a reason why bookmakers follow other sportsbooks, getting the big picture of what is going on out there is a great way to create value. You see, betting odds are not necessarily based on the real chance of something happening, they are a combination of probabilities and marketing, creating interest on both sides of a game is tricky business, learning this however, will prove incredibly profitable.

Lesson 3 – Evolve or Die

Any corner bookie that had a booming business back in 1997 will tell you, if you don’t move with the times you are destined to become a part of history. In the late 90’s the use of computer software to take bets through offshore call centers killed a lot of the local bookies. A decade later, the internet started to take over, today, if you don’t have a mobile platform with all the bells and whistles then you are no longer competitive.

Knowing where the next great trend in this business lies, is imperative to staying alive. For those looking to become a professional bookie staying relevant is the number one concern. The market is evolving so fast that being able to keep up with the technological advancements is difficult and costly, most bookies can’t afford to compete on their own with larger outfits, which is why signing up with Ace Per Head has become the greatest lesson to become a successful online bookie.