Soccer Betting Software

With over 40% of people interested in soccer, it’s by far the most popular sport in the world. In fact, in a survey of 18 countries, 43% of people said that they had at least some interest in soccer (or ‘football,’ as it is known to non-Americans).

As a budding bookie, having good soccer betting software is essential for making money with clients globally. Here, we’re going to discuss what the best online soccer betting technology is.

Read on to learn more about soccer betting and the many benefits of becoming an agent.

The Basics of Soccer Betting

When you open your business to those who want to bet on soccer, you’re sure to boost your profits greatly. Because of the popularity of soccer, you also will grow your smaller and more domestic business into a global phenomenon.

Before you can get started with the best bookie software for soccer betting, you’ll need to find a tool for tracking soccer stats and analytics. From FlashScore to FootStats, you have a lot of options. You can integrate these statistics with your soccer betting software for a more transparent and organized platform.

What Is the Best Soccer Betting Software for Bookies?

To begin taking soccer bets, a pay-per-head (PPH) platform is key.

While you could simply set up a website on your own, this site won’t have the built-in functions that PPH software does. You won’t be able to see and manage the same bets from both the user and the player end. You also won’t have access to the automated updates and pro-level security features that PPH software offers you (unless you shell out an unreasonable amount of money).

PPH technologies promote greater transparency than other software options do. Both the agent and the bettor can view the soccer betting options available to them. They can see who owes who money.

PPH bookie software also makes it easy for you to interact with clients worldwide. While soccer isn’t all that popular in the US, international sports enthusiasts are more committed to it than any other sport.

Online platforms make it easy for you to contact international players and take bets on a plethora of country’s payment methods. You can also let people pay in untraceable bitcoin so that people worldwide can trade in a common currency.

Why Use Ace Per Head for Your PPH Needs?

Nothing beats Ace Per Head when you’re looking for a PPH company. We offer a plethora of features that other PPH companies do not. Some of our greatest include:

  • Security features
    • Multi-factor authentication for both the agent and player ends of your site
    • Alerts and automatic troubleshooting when malware is detected
    • No need to give Ace Per Head your client’s information (only a numeric player ID is needed to include them in our system)
  • Automated site updates to keep your business running smoothly
    • Optimized load speeds and fewer error messages
    • Troubleshooting issues whenever they occur to prevent your site from going down
    • New applications/backend management technologies
  • The ability to either use a web template or custom-make your website.
  • A platform that gives you full control over your boards, players, lines, and limits.
  • Speedy and high-quality customer support for both you and your bettors.
  • Packages begin at $10 per head (depending on your player count and add-ons you require).
  • No hidden costs such as late fees/overage charges.

The bottom line is that we sustain bookies who are interested in soccer betting on multiple levels.

Our betting software also makes communications as easy as possible with the capability of a built-in contact form on your site. However, even more than that, we offer a 24/7 call center designed to keep in touch with your bettors round-the-clock. This eliminates the need for you to wait by the phone all day and all night for calls from clients.

What Are Its Benefits?

There is a multitude of benefits to taking bets on soccer regardless of the platform that you use. Still, using PPH technologies lets you reap these benefits as much as possible. You’ll be able to view and manage bets much more easily so that you can focus on other aspects of your bookmaking career.

Build a Soccer Betting Brand

As we brushed on before, you will be able to use templates to design a webpage when you work with Ace Per Head. Better yet, we will work with you to design a custom site if none of the templates appeal to you. This is a great way to create the online presence that you want and entice and ensnare customers.

You can include brand information on your websites such as your memorable bookie name and logo. This ensures that soccer enthusiasts will remember you whether or not they immediately place a bet. You’ll be able to grow your brand and become more memorable in the eyes of gamblers everywhere.

Additionally, designing your site and including relevant information lets, people feel confident before betting with you. Being a bookie is challenging because clients need to trust you greatly. Since they’ll be giving you a lot of personal and financial information, you must grow a positive reputation.

There’s no better way to do this than to develop a positive brand image. When people connect with your soccer betting brand via your PPH platform, they will trust you. This makes them more likely to invest in your business.

Manage and Grow Your Sportsbook

Moreover, PPH software helps you to grow and manage your sportsbook. Traditional soccer bookies would need to manually track every record of every soccer team that bettors put money down on. This is challenging no matter the circumstances, but it becomes nearly impossible when people are betting on international teams and leagues.

Soccer Sportsbook Software

Ace Per Head automatically tracks these records and integrates them with your site. You also can track smaller bets such as numbers of goals, player-specific bets, and more. There’s no need to stress because of an overabundance of information that you can’t manage.

This lets you grow your sportsbook since you no longer need to manually track dozens of soccer teams. You can automatically track hundreds instead.

You can also showcase scores, bets, and money owed on both the agent end and the player end. This boosts your transparency since bettors can easily see what they’ve bet on and what they owe. You can send and receive payments in multiple different currencies over the PPH platform without worrying about security.

By building your trustworthiness and security, you’ll be able to work with more bettors. They’ll trust you and give you more money that you can reinvest in your business. This is the perfect way to grow your sportsbook and allow people to bet on more soccer teams and events.

Focus on the Important Things

The end result of soccer betting software for bookies is that you’ll have more time to focus on the important aspects of your business. You’ll be able to research new betting strategies, communicate with us and with your clients, and invest in marketing your business.

This will give you the means that you need to grow your brand. You can find new clients and hold onto existing ones. This ensures that you’re able to take more bets and make more money over time.

Speaking of money, using soccer betting software lets you reinvest money where it matters. If you need to build your own website, individually communicate with every individual bettor, and convert international currency, you won’t just spend a lot of time working. You’ll also spend thousands of dollars.

Ace Per Head only charges around $10 for each of your clients. We take a bit of extra money for site design and management, but it’s nothing compared to what you would spend if you were to build your webpage and brand on your own.

You’ll be able to put more money into your clients when you have more cash to spend. You also will turn a greater profit. Since that’s the goal of being a bookie, you should take advantage of the opportunity to attain it!

Start Taking Bets ASAP

Now that you know the best soccer betting software on the net, it’s time to get cracking. Start your six-week free promo of Ace Per Head’s platform today. Our experts are excited to consult with you about your specific needs as a bookie.

We’ll help you set up a platform so that you can get started with growing your business. Additionally, we’ll manage your site logistics and communications for you before you even start paying. Since we’re committed to helping professional bookmakers thrive, we look forward to hearing from you soon.