Pay Per Head Bookie Business

In the pay-per-head business, there are all types of players. There are your degenerate losers that play all year wrong, there are your recreational players that only bet NFL football, players that just make one parlay or teaser each week, and there is also a small percentage of sharp players out there that may land on your sheet.

In the pay-per-head industry, sharp players are simply the guys that are getting lines before the line moves. Sharp players are professional gamblers who use quantum physics formulas and who know what else to extrapolate their own lines based on their own 40 or 50 relevant variables. So, for example, most pay-per-head sites may have the Florida State at -7, however, these sharp players have them at -9 based on their formulas. As a result, the sharp players come in and bet their max limit on Florida State -7, and then the pay per head services move the line up to -9. The sharp players do not just get the line move, they make the line move.

The true sharp players are very rare, however now in this age of technology and social media, the sharp players have hundreds of outs all over the world, so there is a chance that one of your players is really a cover for a sharp player. Sharp players give a small percentage of the winnings to the player that gets them an account, and then right before they are ready to make the wager they tell all of their recruits to make that same exact wager as well, so each of them will get the line before it moves.

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The best way to spot these sharp players out is by using a bet ticker, through your pay per head service. A bet ticker is streaming up to the second feature that shows each wager that is being placed the second after it is placed. Then you can match up the line to what the line is seconds later. These sharp players are very quick, and the line usually moves in seconds, so if you notice a player that is constantly getting a better line right before the line actually moves, then it is an immediate red flag that this player is sharp or is getting sharp plays from somewhere.

Another common strategy for sharp players is betting on certain player props in various major sports. These particular props can be anything from over/under Tom Brady passing yards in a specific game, to over/under 3.5 field goals in a specific game. If you see a lot of these types of props then it would be wise to talk to your provider service to see if they know if those particular plays were hot or sharp plays. Not all services have the knowledge to answer those kinds of questions, but comes with every package.

The best PPH services actually run daily sharp play reports and monitor plays that are getting line moves. They then notify you if you have any of these types of players or wagers in your package.  We are constantly calling our agents to let them know when certain players on their sheet caught our attention, then they can decide what they want to do with that player if anything.  Good sites also watch out for certain sharp props and again notify you if these plays are showing up in your package of players. It is wise to ask your current price per head service, or when looking for a new PPH service to ask them if they watch for sharp plays, and if they notify agents when they occur on their sheets. It is a great under-the-radar feature that the best pay-per-head service sites offer to their customers, and can potentially save you as the bookie agent a lot of money.