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Software to RUN your Sportsbook

There are two main ways to run your own sportsbook and book action on sports for people that want to bet. The first is the old fashioned way of just getting calls and texts from players of what they want to bet, and then keeping track of it by writing it down and then manually calculating what the player won or lost on each wager. This is extremely tedious and limits the bookie to only offering a small handful of sports and types of wagers.

The other way to run a sportsbook is by using a bookie software thru a pay per head website that provides a fully functioning professional sportsbook website where they post hundreds of thousands of betting options each and every day and update all lines up to the second, and then they grade everything as soon as each game ends, and then all players’ balances update automatically in real time.

PPH Software: Advantages

There are some very obvious advantages of using a pay per head site, compared to doing it the old fashioned way of paper and pen. First of all this will save tons of time for the agent, since he no longer needs to manually accept each player's bet, which could be a lot of bets if you have a lot of players. In addition the agent no longer needs to grade wagers and manually calculate a players overall balance after each wager.  Instead this all gets taken care of directly by the pph provider.

In addition the players will enjoy using a website because the site will give them so many more sports and different types of wagers for them to bet on, compared to the very limited amount an old fashioned bookie can offer. Also one of the most popular betting options now is live in game betting where players can bet on update lines while the game is in progress, which is now an option for a player to bet when using a website.  This all leads to each player betting more frequently than before and giving a lot more volume of wagers.

A direct result of players betting more each week is players then losing more money each week. This clearly means that a bookie using a website will earn a lot more money than doing it the old fashioned way. There is nothing better than doing a lot less work, but still earning a lot more money, which a bookie will do when using a pay per head site.

Extremely Affordable to Use a Pay Per Head Site

Sure an old fashioned bookie doesn’t have to pay to accept wagers, however time is also money, and using a website will save tons of time, which can be directly used to acquire more players, and more players equals more profits.

These pay per head services make it very cost effective for bookies, because they only charge a small fee per active player a week. The average price is typically around $3 per active player per week, but it can vary depending on the quality of the provider. Also a player can make one wager or thousands of wagers during the week and the price is still the same flat fee.

Considering that players often lose hundreds to thousands of dollars a week, having to only pay roughly $3 a week per player for a service that does everything for you is basically nothing.

So if you want a softwarer to run your sportsbook business, get set up with a quality pay per head service today.

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