Free website with $200 deposit

Free website with $200 deposit

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How Much Does Ace Per Head Cost?

Ace Per Head is a company in the pay-per-head industry that provides service to people that want to book action on sports for gamblers. We provide a sportsbook website where they post hundreds of thousands of sports betting options each day, and then update all odds up to the second, so bookies can offer this to their players so they can make bets.

Ace grades all wagers updates all players’ and agents’ balance after each game ends, and handles all the technical bookmaking aspects of running a sportsbook website. Each agent will have his own players making bets thru the website platform, and whatever the players win or lose on the site, will then be handled in the form of payments directly between the player and agent, thru whichever method is preferred by the agent and his players.

Agents Keep 100% of the Profits

Ace has nothing to do with the payments made between players and agents, and as a result, all agents keep 100% of the profits from all wins and losses from each of their players. There are absolutely no hidden commissions that Ace charges, which results in no limit to the amount of money that bookies can earn each week using Ace’s service.

The only cost that AcePerHead charges are a pay-per-head flat fee. This fee starts at $10 per active player per week, which simply means that you only get charged for an active player, which is someone that has a graded wager of a win or a loss that week. So if the player does not make a bet that week, then you do not get charged for that player that week.

For example, if you have 50 players, but only 25 players actually bet and have graded wagers that week, then you will only be charged $10 for the 25 players that actually used the service, which would be a total of $250 fee for that week. This is an extremely low and affordable cost in the world of gambling because individual players can easily lose hundreds or even thousands of dollars from betting each week, which will more than cover the small $10 per active player a week fee.

In addition, as you grow your bookmaking business and add more active players, then AcePerHead, will reward you with lower prices when you hit various different total active player per week levels.  With every new player you add, you will be earning even more money exponentially, and will also get cost savings, which is a win-win for any bookie.

Crypto Payments:

Ace also offers discounts when agents pay the PPH site fees in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ether, and Stellar. So not only is crypto an extremely convenient method because you can make the payment immediately and from anywhere in the world, but as a bookie on Ace, you can also receive a discount of only paying either $8 or $9 a player a week, depending on how many active players you have.

Lastly, Ace Per Head has a special promo where bookies can get 50% off the price for the first 5 weeks of using the service. Depending on how many active players you have this could be some very big savings, considering that a normal price of $10 would instead be $5 for the first 5 weeks.

So not only does Ace offer a very affordable cost to be a bookie, but they have some of the sharpest lines in the world, which will lead to your players losing even more money than another pay per head site, which equates to more money you will be earning over the long term as a bookie.

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