Secure Bookie Website

The internet is not a fad or a fly by night invention, it is here to stay and it is connecting people around the world and making life easier for everyone that uses it. However, with the explosion of the internet and WIFI capabilities in practically everywhere around the globe, it is now extremely important to be aware of various security issues. Considering that pay per head bookie services have also seen a tremendous uptick in usage due to the evolution of the internet, and contain highly sensitive information it is important that these sites take the proper precautions to ensure that their customers account information is secure and encrypted.

The fact, however, is that most bookie website software does not have encrypted websites. Instead, these services use HTTP which is unencrypted. Unencrypted means that whenever you or your players use the internet on any public WIFI location, on planes, stores such as Starbucks, office buildings, and even many home networks, everything you type such as usernames and passwords and all the information on your account such as balances, wagers, names and other reports are all visible to anyone with the authority to see them. Anyone spying on you who include government spy programs like PRISM can collect and store this information for an indefinite time and can use this against you to steal your info or persecute you in a court of law. In addition, your internet service provider such as companies like Verizon and AT&T can see all of your account information if it is unencrypted and anyone with the authority to their records such as certain government agencies can also see that information.

The simple solution to this is to use a website that uses HTTPS / SSL which was invented to specifically encrypt a website and all the information that one enters or stores in it.  By law websites such as banks, stock markets, Amazon and other sites that store sensitive information is required to have HTTPS. Having HTTPS means that an attacker or spy will not see anything you type, such as account info and passwords, and then when you are on the website they will not be able to view anything on those pages, which means anything you do such as open wagers and weekly balances is completely safe and not visible to outsiders. If anyone were to get your agent or player information they could do some very bad things such as print out detailed reports about your players and finances, place false wagers, delete losing wagers, and corrupt balances to get your players to become frustrated and stop playing with you. There is a lot of money at stake in this business, and many people, including government agencies and even sometimes friends, do not condone this type of activity, which is why it is important to use a service that takes security and encryption serious. Unfortunately, despite the obvious security risks, most pay per head business do not actually provide encrypted websites. Generally, these companies do not support HTTPS because it requires more technical expertise, costs more money and requires better hardware.

This is where a company like separates themselves from the rest of the pay per head websites available, because they do have the expertise, and have an exceptional structure put in place that utilizes top end hardware and appliances dedicated to secure connections.  If you don’t believe me just visit any Ace skin and you will immediately see this in your browser:

A green lock, HTTPS, and a verification that the page is secure means that everything you type into the site and everything you see on the screen once you are logged into the site is encrypted from prying eyes, hackers and snooping authorities. All of’s player backends and agent report websites are fully secured end to end by the latest 256-bit RSA HTTPS/SSL protocol.   Ace was one of the first sites to incorporate the usage of SSL to customers and has been providing fully secure websites for more than half a decade.  So if you care about security and the privacy of your sensitive bookmaking information, which everyone in their right mind should, then there is no other choice besides going with a PPH company such as Ace Per Head that cares about this as well and only provides websites that are secure and encrypted.