Start Your Online Sportsbook

I know it’s frustrating, you have a dream of becoming a bookie in your own right, and you’ve put in the time to do research on pay per head services to get the dream off the ground. Problem is, they all seem to promise the same things.

So, how do you know which one is the real deal?

Time to Get Real

There is one thing you should understand, a price per head services are in essence offering the same thing, it’s like hamburger joints, they all offer hamburgers, but some are just not worth the effort nor the money.

On your journey to start your online sportsbook, don’t just look at the fluff that is being presented to you, everyone claims to have the best everything, and don’t be fooled by pricing either, cheaper than the norm is cheaper for a reason, and just because a service is expensive does not mean it’s better, in fact, in the majority of cases is not, here is why.

The cost that a pay per head charges is based on their operational cost, including, staff, software platforms, servers, internet service, all aspects of IT, and yes even overhead costs like electrical bills, rent, etc. To this, you need to add their profit, after all, they are per profit businesses. When all of this is added up, the total cost is divided amongst all of their customers, each customer paying a fair share based on the number of users.

So, What Does This Mean?

Any pay per head service that charges less than $10, is most likely using cheap software which will crash during peak hours or is full of bugs and glitches that can end up costing you thousands of dollars. They are also either not paying their staff enough, which leads to bad customer service or they are hiring from the bottom of the barrel, which is not what you want.

Those charging more than $10, either don’t have enough clients, are not good at managing their operational costs and have not negotiated good deals with third-party providers, or are simply ripping you off and making a huge unwarranted profit from your business. Regardless of the scenario, you don’t need that kind of people in your life.

At, the pricing is fair, starting at $10 per active player on a weekly basis. Now, you may be thinking that is what a lot of the places I’ve seen advertised charge too, so why are these guys different? The difference relies on their business approach, they are customer-oriented, your needs become their priority. Their betting software is so flexible, nearly everything can be customized to serve your purpose, they are proactive and they are experienced, and are willing to offer advice when you request it.

Aside from all that, they consider themselves a tech company, the service they provide relies on technology, so they have invested more money than any other pay per head service in guaranteeing that their servers won’t go down, they have now one but 2 fully operational contact centers, if one if hit with a major disaster the other can handle 100% of the workload and neither you nor your players will never know.

Don’t get fooled by cookie-cutter services that offer just enough, when you want to start your online sportsbook, you need to go with the professionals, and that is Ace Per Head.