Should you Offer your Players Virtual Casino?

PPH Virtual Casino

The pay per head industry is an extremely competitive and profitable industry, and as a result pay per head prices are beginning to go lower. Years ago many pay per head websites were able to easily charge $25 to $30 per active player per week. However as technology has improved, and as the competition has increased, pay per head prices have steadily decreased.

Now the industry standard is for pay per head prices to be in the range of $10 to $15 per active player a week, and there are even some pay per head shops that offer prices as low as $5. However when shopping around, and looking at different prices it is important to read the fine print, and see what is actually included in the price. As a result pay per head shops that offer prices as low as $5 will often include just the basic sports wagering lines, website, with a limited amount of customer service provided, and require a certain amount of players each week to receive that price.

One of the main things that gets removed as an option when an agent gets a low price is the virtual casino, however a more closer analysis of the costs and benefits of offering your players access to the virtual casino, actually shows that this feature is worth having. For starters, in the world of gambling, the more options that you give to your clients, then the more time they will stay on the website and the more they will wager. As a result more wagering almost always directly leads to more losing. It is the same principle that the huge popular Vegas Casinos use when they pump oxygen into the casinos to keep people awake for longer periods of time, so people can spend more time gambling in their casinos. The odds are always stacked against the player, no matter the venue, so it is important to be able to offer your players other things they can wager on besides sports, because this will increase the odds for you to make more money from them.

The beauty of the virtual casino is that it can be played 24 hours a day, any day of the year, and from the comforts of one’s home computer, or mobile device. Unlike sports that can only be wagered on when there is an actual game being played, a player can wager in the virtual casino literally every, and any second of the day.

The important thing when offering your players access to the virtual casino, is to start all your players off with small daily and weekly win and loss limits. It is important to monitor any player that does use the virtual casino, because the virtual casino is not a full proof software, and it can be susceptible to certain glitches in particular games, and susceptible to certain strategies that can take advantage of a virtual casino’s particular algorithm. In addition there are some high-tech robots or programs available on the black market that can aid in a player being able to cheat on some virtual casinos. This is an extremely small minuscule percentage of the players that play on the virtual casino, however it is important to be aware that such programs and players do exist, which makes it important to monitor any player that does begin to use the virtual casino. Any thing that does look suspect, or if a player is winning day in and day out, it would be wise to immediately consult your pay per head provider, to determine if there is anything irregular occurring. However, this is not a common occurrence, but it is important to be aware of all of the risks.

So as long as you place reasonable daily and weekly win and loss limits on the virtual casino and keep an eye on what your players are doing, the virtual casino can be an extremely profitable added feature to give to your players. It gives your players the option to gamble even when there is no sporting event left on the board for the night. In addition when playing on a virtual casino, compared to playing in an actual brick and mortar casino, the games are played much faster on the virtual casino, because more hands can be dealt in a virtual casino compared to sitting with real people at a table in the casino, and as a result the more hands and games that are played, the faster people can lose money.

Lastly it is always good to give people more options, and when you offer virtual casino it can help you acquire more players, because why would someone want to play with a bookie that offers just sports betting, when they can play with a bookie that offers sports betting and virtual casino?