European Bookie Software

The world is a big place, but, it is shrinking every day, we can now travel across the globe within 24 hours and see things as they happen in real time. Technology has torn down the barriers of distance and everything some food, culture, and sports have spilled over.

There is a Whole New World Out There

Because of this, it comes as no surprise that international sporting events are gaining ground in the North American gambling market, opening great opportunities for bookies in different world markets like Europe and Asia. But, most pay per head services are limited by their betting software, which does not support the different betting odds popular in these markets.

The one exception is, which utilizes a flexible platform that is comparable to the best European bookie software. Their betting platform is capable of handling decimal, fractional and American odds without a hitch.

This has enabled Ace Per Head to add more betting markets that any other price per head, soccer being one of their biggest money makers for agents. They carry all the European first division leagues, and many second and third division leagues as well, but, they also post odds for Asian and African leagues.

What this means for bookie agents is that they can now expand their horizons and seek customers from around the world. There is no need to be concerned about whether you can cater to their needs anymore since carries the largest selection of international sporting events in the industry.

If you have players who enjoy European basketball, rugby, or cricket and other popular sports in Europe you now offer them the most competitive betting odds. You won’t have to worry about turning down business because you can’t find a reputable pay per head that can offer everything your players are looking for anymore. has everything players from around the world have wanted for years, the best betting odds on all sports from around the world, great customer service, reliable, stable, and secure betting interface with a guaranteed 99.99% up time.

The betting interface is easy to use, something which not all European bookie software can brag about, my experience with a lot of these betting platforms from Europe is that they make it so difficult to find European bookie software what you are looking for that it simply frustrates the user.

In comparison, the betting platform offered by Ace is super easy to navigate, and all the important information is available for the player and the agent to see with just a click, win/loss for the week, and previous weeks, available balance, pending wagers, graded wagers, everything is right there. And finding the game you are looking for is just as easy.

If you are a bookie who has been wanting to expand your client base and be able to target customers from around the world, this is the perfect time to do so, all you need to do is register with today, choose the sports you want to offer your players, set up your own wagering limits per sport and max payout per wager type and you are ready to conquer the world.