How Bookies Make Money

Top bookmakers seem to have a magic formula for generating record profits every season, and they make it look effortless. But, in reality, there is a lot of work that goes on to guarantee there will be substantial profits at the end of the season.

Generating Record Profits

There is no magic formula, just a lot of calculated risk and data analysis. How bookies make money is not a secret, balance is the key, too much action on one side could spell disaster for a bookie agent, and no action on either side is the worst-case scenario.

So, how do top bookmakers manage to make lots of money every year? Simple, they register as a bookie agent with

is known for their sharp betting odds, and their capacity to create and effectively manage thousands of line types for your agents. Every package has different considerations, while there will be some common traits, and some agents will easily fit within a pre-established line type, others require special player profiles and betting odds.

Creating lines that generate equal interest on both sides of the game guaranteeing agents a profit regardless of the outcome is an art form and one which few have mastered.

The expert line makers at Ace Per Head, have years of experience under their belts, and they have seen everything that can happen with a game, this means that little surprises them these days. And because of this, they are able to post solid lines that unless a key player is injured will not suffer major swings.

But, one thing is posting lines for one sportsbook, it is an entirely different thing when you need to post lines for thousands of sportsbooks operating under the same roof. This is where the data analysis comes in; there are two components to this analysis, one if the game analysis, this is used to figure out the real probabilities of an outcome.

Real probabilities are seldom if ever the line posted for a game, nobody is interested in real probabilities, the line will always be inflated based on players historic betting patterns, and to understand those, customer data must be analyzed.

This is where the magic happens, the line managers at will figure out how much the public is willing to pay for every game. Caution must be taken to ensure the line is sharp enough to avoid wise guys from taking advantage of the line, but, they must still find value in it, otherwise, they won’t be interested in it at all.

Taking calculated risks is another part of the secret of the success of the top bookmakers, sometimes you have to be willing to get out of your comfort zone in order to maximize your profit potential. This is an area where excels and most other pay per head services fail.

In conclusion, the secret as to how bookies make money, is a balance, the secret to generating record profits every year is to switch to the most experienced pay per head service in the industry, working with won’t cost agents more than they are already paying, and their bottom line will increase significantly.