Bookie Software in New York

If you grew up outside of New York City, chances are at some time or another you saw a movie about gangsters in New York.

Breaking into the New York Gambling Scene

And in those movies, any gambling was handled by the gangsters, and nobody was allowed to step on their territory. While grossly exaggerated for dramatic effect, the truth is for the longest time any sports betting done in New York was managed by a handful of people.

But, I’m here to tell you times have changed. Now it is not uncommon to hear of bookie software in New York. And the thing with software is, anyone can use it. When gambling when from being a person to person transaction, to become an online transaction, the boundaries of who controls which territory were effectively erased.

This means that anyone living in New York City or any other city within the great state of New York can now become an online bookie. To facilitate this companies known as pay per heads have proliferated over the years, however, like with everything else on the internet you need to distinguish the professionals from the amateurs.

When it comes to bookie software in New York and pay per head companies around the globe, there are stark differences in functionality, pricing, and customer service. Regardless of whether you are just starting as a bookie agent or are just looking to move your business online or upgrade from your current service, you can’t do better than .

Ace Per Head is currently the leader in price per head services, they have been in business for 20 years, and have built a reputation for quality, service, and affordability. They not only give you access to the best online and mobile software platform in the market, but they also provide you with all the IT solutions that only large online sportsbooks can afford, and to top it all off their customer service is second to none.

Breaking into the New York gambling scene is not going to be easy, as there are well-established bookies who have already moved their local businesses to the internet, but, with the professional service offered by Ace Per Head, you will have a leg up on any other person thinking to break into the industry. is known for their sharp lines, which over the years has proven to be vital to agents’ profitability. In fact, more agents have reported increased profits after moving their businesses to than with any other pay per head service. The reason for this lies in the quality of the lines posted and how well they are managed.

The software used by Ace is so flexible it allows the line managers to create custom lines for virtually all agents, this means that you don’t have to conform to generic betting odds, although some lines may benefit a wide range of bookies, some require specialized lines for their type of players, and this is something you won’t find at other pay per head services, but, will create and manage any custom line for its clients.

There has never been a better time to break into the gambling industry in New York than now, register as an agent with today and grab your piece of the pie.

How to Run a Bookie Operation?