Ace Per Head Free promo

Why Ace Per Head?

Ace Per Head has all of the features that we have discussed and many more. You'll also get:

  • Security to keep your information and player's information safe
  • DDoS encryption to prevent attacks from malware
  • A custom private cloud distributed across multiple machines
  • Clear, competitive pricing complete with price matching and no hidden costs
  • Customizable boards/lines/players/limits
  • Specialists specifically designated to your account

Along with the call center, fully custom-made and managed website, and automated updates, this is a pretty great deal.

Why Request a Free Promo?

The first reason to request a free promo of Ace Per Head's services is that it costs you nothing. The promo gives you a few days to try out our services and get all of the perks that paying clients do. This lets you see how we can help you for free so that you can find out if we're able to meet your needs. Once your promo completes you will have the opportunity to receive up to 6 free promo weeks based on your initial deposit.

You also will have the chance to make a more informed decision about whether you should invest in PPH services. This lets you be more confident in your decision so that you have no regrets about your investment.

Since the promo comes with no obligations, you can also back out at any point in the process. While this is unlikely to be something that you want, it allows you to change your mind so that you spend no money on services that don't work for you. Ace Per Head understands that pressure to pay for promos or obligations to stay on is stressful, so we don't force you to do anything.

PPH Bookie Free Trial

Access to Awesome Features

One of the primary reasons to try a free Ace Per Head promo is that you'll gain access to the many features that our clients get. Even before you put money down on our services, we'll help you to build a PPH website from any one of our customizable templates. You can also make one from scratch if you prefer.

If you choose to continue with our service after the risk free promo you will just need to make an initial deposit that will be used for your future weekly fees. If not, that's also okay! You won't need to give us any money- the website will just go down.

In addition to site building, we're proud to showcase the following features during our sportsbook service free promo:

  • Automated updates on the platform to keep it looking fresh and engaging
  • Platform updates to increase security and site speeds
  • Score tracking technologies to keep track of bets, teams, and players
  • Full site access so you can see the back and front ends of the site
  • Web design services so that you can insert text and video
  • 24/7 call center for agents (there is another one for players to place wagers)
  • Security measures (anonymous contracts, random digit assignment, secure Bitcoin payments, etc)

All of these services continue on forever if you choose to become a paying agent with the best online sportsbook.

To understand what pay per head services are, you first need to answer the question of what a sportsbook is. Essentially, it refers to a sort of ledger or digital document in which a bookie keeps records of teams, players, and possible bets that players may like to make. Ultimately, a sportsbook is a place where people can then engage in sports betting on the offered teams and try their luck with your bookmaking business.

When you keep a sportsbook, you need to track the teams and players that you offer betting on. You also need to keep tabs on every bet that people place with you. This is traditionally a manual process that requires a lot of organization and math.

Bookies who offer traditional services will need to communicate with players who use their sportsbooks extensively. This means being available 24/7 and providing them with your personal contact information. You'll need to meet up with them for check or cash payments or you'll need to give them your eWallet or banking information to receive bets.

Looking to learn about pay per head bookie services? You're in the right place.

If you're among the 70% of Americans that struggle financially, becoming a bookie might be the right choice for you. Not only do those passionate about sports get to engage with their interests constantly, but bookmakers can make a nearly unlimited amount of money. Many cite having made $5000-$10,000 in a single week!

Pay per head services are essential for new and old bookmakers alike. These sports betting platforms give both agents and players easy access to information that they need to place smart and efficient bets. Read on to learn how PPH platforms work and what the main benefits of pay per head are.

Pay per head (PPH) bookie services are online sportsbook platforms that streamline processes that traditionally have been challenging. You pay a reputable company about $3 per player that you sign on. In exchange, they take on full management of your sportsbook and make your life as a bookie much easier.

To find the best PPH platform, you'll need to do a bit of research. Online reviews go a long way since real agents like you have tried them out. Look into the various options that you have and read reviews on them- chances are, you'll find a lot of information on what services are the most reputable and useful.

Next, keep a budget in mind. The best pay per head bookie companies will offer pricing as low as at $3/head and only add more if you choose to get additional features. However, others will charge you much more, often reaching $30-$50/head. This is something that you want to avoid so that you can reinvest money in growing and optimizing your sportsbook.

Finally, make a list of the features that are important to you. Once you've narrowed your price per head provider options down, check to make sure that they have the features you care about. Select the company that best matches these specifications.

The first thing that a pay per head bookie company like Ace Per Head will do is to work with you in designing a website. We offer templates that you can choose from and optimize to fit your specific needs. However, if you don't see a template that you like, we're also happy to create a package in which we work together to design a custom PPH platform.

This platform has both an agent end and a player end. Assuming that you work with us to make it function as professionally as possible, all betting information will be showcased on both ends of the site.

You and your bettors will both see the many teams, events, players, and actions that you're taking bets for. Both sides can monitor bets that have been placed, what current scores are, and how much each party owes the other. This boosts your transparency as a bookie and avoids confusion about how much money you're up (or down).

PPH platforms also eliminate the need for manual updates. Everything is automated from score/bet monitoring to security. Companies like Ace Per Head constantly run backend updates on client platforms to ensure that everything is working smoothly. This ensures that the site loads perfectly on both the agent and player ends and that information is not lost.

A large part of this automation is simple backups. Traditional bookies may lose track of bets, lines, and limits, which can present a huge problem that costs a lot of money. They also may lose track of player information, which is an even bigger problem that could seriously damage their reputation with gamblers.

PPH bookie sites stop this from happening by backing up information and eliminating the possibility of it being lost forever. Because these same professionals install multi-level encrypted security software, it's unlikely that hackers and malware will have access to agent or player information. PPH platforms keep unauthorized users out and authorized users up-to-date.

Another major way that PPH services optimize your sportsbook is by providing top-notch customer support. For example, we have online chats and call support that's specifically intended to answer agent questions. You can contact us at any time with any inquiries about updating, managing or using your sportsbook.

However, you as a bookie aren't the only one who can contact us with any inquiries that you may have. We also have a 24/7 call center so that your players can reach out to ask about bets, payment, and sportsbook expansions. You never will need to worry about sitting by the phone in the middle of the night waiting for players to call you again!

You may worry that PPH experts talking to your clients will give third-party access to their personal information, but another benefit of PPH platforms is that they're extremely secure. Not only will we have 0 access to your player's name or payment info, but we'll have no access to yours. Both agents and players are assigned numbers to keep all parties anonymous and untraceable.

Ace Per Head takes pride in open communication with all who use our platform, and free promo users are no exception. In fact, since a promo period is the time when you're learning whether we're a good fit, we expect a lot of inquiries! This is why we always have someone on call to answer any questions about your account.

Free promos give you time to learn the platform before paying. Once you sign on with us, you'll already have a feel for how our site works. You also will already feel comfortable asking questions of our customer support team because you'll have interacted with them before.

The ultimate point of a free promo is to see whether or not our services are a good fit for you. It's a time to try new things and see which features you most value. You also will get more information on how much you'll need to pay per person when you do sign on with us permanently.

The ultimate impact of a free promo is greater confidence in your decision to work with Ace Per Head. You'll know exactly what to expect when you pay us. This means that you'll never need to wonder where your money is going.

While choosing a pay per head service can be a challenge, it's much easier when you're confident in your decision. That's why a free promo period is essential for budding bookies. They give you insight into whether a PPH sportsbook platform can meet your specific individual needs.

Now that you know why you should try Ace Per Head's services for no price and no obligations, it's time to get started. Create your package to start your amazing free promo ASAP.

Another of the best reasons for pay per head services is that they make it easier for you to grow and expand your bookie business.

First, they help you to build an online reputation that surpasses any traditional bookie's dreams. People will have an easier time finding and using your services, so you'll get a wider audience base. Because your PPH platform will be so easy to use, they'll feel that you valued your time and were transparent with them.

The ultimate impact of this is that you'll have amazing online reviews. Since 84% of players will place trust in these reviews, you'll develop a much better reputation than you would without having invested in PPH.

These reviewers will be part of the demographic that finds you via online marketing efforts. Search engine optimization and Google Ads can't bring people to your bookie business if you don't have a website to drive traffic to. Since most people will do their research online when looking for a place to bet real money on sports, you need a PPH web platform to reach anyone.

PPH sportsbook platforms don't just let you grow a local bookie business; they can get you an international audience as well. Traditional bookies can only take bets from those in their area (because of who can call them on the phone and use their currency). However, those who take bets via a PPH platform can do so from anywhere that the net is accessible.

They also don't need to worry about annoying currency conversions or accessing the type of payment method that you accept. PPH sites let you take bets in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. This isn't just easily accessible, but it also is untraceable so that your clients don't need to worry about you (or anyone else) finding them.

Now that you know all about pay per head bookie services and how they can optimize your sportsbook, it's time to get started. Request a demo of Ace Per Head's platform to try the best price per head software on the market today.

Our experts are happy to answer any remaining questions you have both before and after your demo and to give you a 6 weeks free promo of the platform. We look forward to working with you to design the perfect package for your individual needs, so don't hesitate to reach out.


Give us a call whenever you like – it also gives you an opportunity to see exactly how helpful and knowledgeable our staff are. When your players call to ask a question or place a wager, they will reach the same call center and the same staff as you. We do this on purpose to make sure our agents’ players get the same quality service as our agents do.

  • Agent Support & Sales (800) 909-5193
  • Player Wagers & Support (800) 640-5088
  • Backup Player Number (800) 640-5188
  • Customer Service by text (702) 659-9499

Calls are toll free, and our representatives all speak English. In fact, although our call center is not located in the United States, we hire many personnel who grew up speaking American English as their primary language, or else lived in America at one time or another. When you call our center, it will sound just like home, and the staff at the other end actually follow the sports your clients want to play.

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